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  1. Pepper_E

    Looking for a GPX editing app for iPhone

    I use the Gaia app (and website) for tracking routes, creating/editing routes, etc… Easy to import and export gpx files. A number of different map layers are available which has made this a great tool for planning backpacking and off road over landing adventures at home in the US. Downloaded gpx...
  2. Pepper_E

    Have you walked the Invierno to avoid the Sarria crowds?

    In 2022, I broke from the French Way and picked up Camino Invierno in Ponferrada. Although a huge departure from the CF, I was really happy with my choice. I was walking in May and did not see another Pilgrim for the first three days. The route is extremely well marked and beautiful. Yes...
  3. Pepper_E

    Another luggage transport query

    This year, my third Camino and first using luggage transfer. As others have suggested, I used Express Bourricot to get bag to Roncesvalles - they did pick my bag up from my hotel (or you drop at their office). From Roncescales, used JacoTrans to Ponferrad without issue. Then moved on to Camino...
  4. Pepper_E

    Stuck in Spain

    After walking the Francés to Ponferrada and Camino Invierno into Santiago, I took a train from Barcelona to Girona & then caught a ride to Cadaqués, Spain. Then walked Costa Brava (along the Mediterranean Coast) to Collioure, France. Coastline is spectacular and fun towns to stay in along the...
  5. Pepper_E

    Bus from Santiago to Tui

    You will probably get advice on a bus or train route here, but as an option you can also book with taxigalacia. Cost around 175€ - not terrible if you have several sharing the cost.
  6. Pepper_E

    Ex Officio vs Smartwool underwear?

    Most ex officio on the market are synthetic - - they will wash and dry easily making them popular with travelers needing to hand wash. The smartwool merino underwear is super comfortable and will resist odor much longer than anything synthetic - thus everything merino is super popular with long...
  7. Pepper_E

    For introvert crowd-averse pilgrims

    If you’re drawn to walk the Francés again and don’t care for the Sarria crowds, take a left when you reach Ponferrada and pick up the Camino Invierno - absolutely beautiful and very few Pilgrims.
  8. Pepper_E

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Going from US to Portugal

    I did a Rapid Test before departing US and because I spent 3 days in Barcelona, I did another Rapid Test to enter Portugal. Easy to get tested in both Barcelona and Madrid airports. I used the “Eurofins TrustOne” app to schedule, view and print test certificates. It covers many airports, but not...
  9. Pepper_E

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Going from US to Portugal

    Traveled from US to Barcelona and then Porto three weeks ago. To board Delta flight from US, they wanted Passport, proof of vaccination, Covid Test and Spain QR Code. To enter Spain I just provided QR Code. To enter Portugal, I needed another Covid Test which the airline asked for. Getting off...
  10. Pepper_E

    Two Stamps from Vigo

    Just finished Porto to Santiago, Coastal Route. Didn’t start getting two stamps until 3 days out - I think from Redondela on… Compostela not a problem. Buen Camino
  11. Pepper_E

    Lost interest in PLANNING next Camino…

    Arrived in Barcelona 4 days ago, I had to jump thru more hoops boarding Delta out of the U.S. than entering Spain - QR code and that was it. Flew to Porto today and was asked for nothing - checked in on my phone. Hotel in Porto did ask for Covid Test, didn’t care about Vaccination card. Seeing...
  12. Pepper_E

    Portuguese Central starting mid-September

    Starting from Porto Sept 21, w 12 days to Santiago - Coastal Route. May bump into you on last few days.
  13. Pepper_E

    14th September 2021 - Starting from Porto

    Arriving Barcelona on the Sept 15 - walking out of Porto on Sept 21...
  14. Pepper_E

    Holding my breath in L.A. !

    I purchased from this site A friend just used them and recommended to me. Approved for entry to US and also recommended by my airline - Delta. Make your video appointment well in advance, I’ve heard this can be a problem with some test kits/products. Hoping to be on my...
  15. Pepper_E

    LIVE from the Camino Porto to Santiago July 2021

    Thanks for posting, very helpful as I plan to walk coastal route from Porto, September 21. Also spending 4 days in Barcelona beforehand and flying Vueling to Porto.
  16. Pepper_E

    Guthook Guides, is it reliable?

    Having used the Guthook App on the Appalachian Trail, I used it to walk CF in 2019. My phone is always in airplane mode and the app works well. Location/route was spot on everyday but one…
  17. Pepper_E

    Test and Assessment of Armaskin Socks as Blister Protection

    After reading a forum post about Armaskin, I ordered a pair to check them out. Although I’ve done a lot of backpacking and I didn’t care for the socks, I still tossed them in my pack for my 2019 Camino. I assumed I would ditch them a few days in. Instead a problem with my foot prompted me to...
  18. Pepper_E

    Stop in Santiago or continue to Finisterre/Muxia?

    Definitely recommend making the trek to Finisterre & Muxia - what a way to complete a month long journey. Found the Muxia sign laying on the ground and couldn’t resist picking up for a fun photo.
  19. Pepper_E

    Sept - Camino Portugues Coastal

    Thanks for sharing the great map... I've been reading about the Litoral and Coastal route options - looking forward walking parts of each.
  20. Pepper_E

    Sept - Camino Portugues Coastal

    Purchased tickets a few days ago... Charlottesville, Va round trip to Barcelona for 3 days. Also, bought a Vueling Air ticket - Barcelona to Porto & Santiago to Barcelona - never flown Vueling, but the direct flights hooked me. Although I'd prefer to not be tied to prebooked accommodations...