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  1. frjuliangreen

    Ukrainian flag colors on VdlP guide markers?

    That's right. The yellow are the Camino and the blue/green are the original Roman Via de la Plata - they occasionally diverge and join up again. Seems like a long time since I walked that Extremadura section
  2. frjuliangreen

    Closure of holy buildings

    I know exactly what you mean. On previous short pilgrimages (Camino Inglés and last section of the Portugués) which pass through large villages and towns in Galicia, I found that churches were open at least at time of Mass, and there were daily Masses to be found. (I am a priest and like to join...
  3. frjuliangreen

    Advice,,, Madrid Airport to Madrid Train Station

    If you are on Ryanair there's no chance. You arrive at terminal 1 and to get the free train you have to get the internal airport bus to terminal 4 which is where the station is. If you take the metro you have three metros to get. Also on long distance trains you have to arrive early as they scan...
  4. frjuliangreen

    Advice,,, Madrid Airport to Madrid Train Station

    I presume you mean Chamartín if you are going north? The best thing is to buy your long distance train ticket in advance. This includes free travel on the local trains at either end of your journey. You can then get the cercanias train from the airport station to Chamartín free of charge using...
  5. frjuliangreen

    Necessary to book train tickets from Santiago to Madrid in mid-October?

    My experience is that these trains run at capacity or near capacity. So it is recommendable to buy in advance. Renfe does not make all tickets available at the same time and some October tickets might not yet be available. One other consideration is that 12th October is a national holiday and it...
  6. frjuliangreen

    Connect time in Madrid from Santiago?

    It's a fairly easy connection. 4S is an extra 15 minutes on the little train to the satellite terminal. What I'm not sure about is extra security or immigration requirements for onward flight to the USA.
  7. frjuliangreen

    Overweight on the Frances?

    From personal experience, yes it's perfectly attainable. Stamina is the thing that's needed and that isn't necessarily linked to athletic agility.
  8. frjuliangreen

    Statue in Burgos Cathedral

    As others have said it is St Raphael the Archangel who appears in the deuterocanonical book of Tobit. Raphael is the fellow pilgrim of Tobias who uses a fish to save his human companion from death on his wedding night and restore the sight of Tobias' father, Tobit. There is an almost identical...
  9. frjuliangreen

    Camino Teresiano

    Thanks for this. I was looking for a short Camino to do next year after the investment of time involved in going the VdlP this year and this could be it. I know the area and some of the pueblos well as I spent 6 years in Valladolid and 2 in Salamanca when I did my training for the priesthood...
  10. frjuliangreen

    buying train tickets??!!

    I have come across this before. It may be because the three trains in your screenshot are different types of train. The two on sale are AVE and Avlo. The one you want to buy is Alvia. These are operated by different parts of the Renfe network, and may have different release days for tickets. You...
  11. frjuliangreen

    half board?

    It means both dinner AND breakfast
  12. frjuliangreen

    Peregrino arrested after traffic accident involving a goat...

    When I saw him, as I remember, he had two or three donkeys, about eight goats and a dog
  13. frjuliangreen

    Peregrino arrested after traffic accident involving a goat...

    I saw this guy by Puente Quintos on the VdlP/Sanabrés in March. I thought he was a local goatherd but the description fits. Seemed like an 'interesting' character. He was sitting by the side of the road smoking a homemade pipe.
  14. frjuliangreen

    How fast do you walk on the Camino?

    Slow and proud
  15. frjuliangreen

    Via de la Plata weather - advice

    Being from the UK, even the winter seems warm from Seville to Merida
  16. frjuliangreen

    In praise of Motel Truckstops on the Camino

    The long stretch after Caparra - I got a taxi to pick me up at Ventaquemada and take me to Plasencia and back again the next day. The problem might be the Embalse de Alcántara where the albergue is closed according to Gronze which means a 32km stretch. Maybe a similar approach would be possible.
  17. frjuliangreen

    In praise of Motel Truckstops on the Camino

    There's a great one ahead of you at Camarzana de Tera. I absolutely agree. Sometimes can be really good value. But just think how many of these places have closed on the Nacional since the building of the motorways. A lot of the ones that remain are just about holding on
  18. frjuliangreen

    How is Camino Sanabres ?

    There is however a casa rural near Cea which will come and collect you in the car and return you there the next day for 9 euros. It's called alojamiento Pazos.

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