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    Credential in burgos.

    Cheers all for your help, municipal is pretty impressive, as is burgos.
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    Credential in burgos.

    Thanks, I'm assuming I can't switch my vdlp for use on the cf.
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    Credential in burgos.

    Morning. After spending 3 days on vdlp , the heat has become unbearable. So I am switching to the cf, arriving in burgos shortly. Does anyone know where I can get the credential ? Thanks in advance. Mark.
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    Passport warning — expiration date

    Thanks carolams, just as i thought.
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    Passport warning — expiration date

    Hi, Just for clarification, I have one of these uk passports with 10 years 3 months issued Feb 2018 with an expiry may 2028. Am I right in thinking that it's still valid? And use the 10 year rule from the issue date thereby expiring Feb 2028. Or have I misinterpreted it! And messed up big...
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    Vía de la Plata/Sanabrés Walking & Accommodation Guide

    I have tried to download this to my pad, but for whatever reason it can't open it! any thoughts as to why this would be? God bless

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