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  1. Tafko

    Arrow at Burguete

    I got that one from Google Earth.
  2. Tafko

    Arrow at Burguete

  3. Tafko

    Inspirational People

    Inspirational People I'm following this guy, Cory Chance who is hoping to lose 200lbs on the Pacific Crest trail and I'm wondering, does anyone know of any other people worth following.
  4. Tafko

    Anyone need a ride on 24 May?

    I have just received confirmation for a 14.00hrs lift from Biarritz airport with Express Bourricot. I assume it is your one. Looking forward to meeting you on Thursday.
  5. Tafko


    Thanks to everyone on this forum for all the help I've received over the last four years. This site was a big help in driving my dream of walking the Camino forward. I'm due to fly into Biarritz on Thursday 24th May (a rail strike day) Would anyone happen to know if the Bayonne to St Jean Pied...
  6. Tafko

    Poncho vs "rain suit" in May/June?

    Sorry, just realised that this an old post.
  7. Tafko

    Poncho vs "rain suit" in May/June?

    I start my first Camino on the 25th May 2018. I will be bringing the VAUDE Hiking Backpack Poncho that I bought from Amazon. It has room for the backpack.

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