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  1. El Cascayal

    Stable isotope analysis of medieval pilgrims and populations along the Camino de Santiago

    Most interesting article first published online Journal of Archeological Science 1 February, 23. "To the field of stars: Stable isotope analysis of medieval pilgrims and populations along the Camino de Santiago in Navarre and Aragon, Spain" Highlights • The radiocarbon dating results...
  2. El Cascayal

    How to cook Spanish tortilla: Salmonella outbreak sparks national debate

    You, 👏 being there in Santiago 👏, must surely already have met Cristina, owner, chief cook, and all around spinner of stories, at Las Betanceiras. Close to La Tita on Rua Nova. Made to order just like you like ’em or fully cooked for those squeamish like me. 😋
  3. El Cascayal

    What time is mass in Roncesvalles?

    In Leon there is a Peregrino blessing after the evening Mass that is very moving at La Basilica de San Isidro, there is also a Pilgrim blessing at the Albergue de Peregrinos del monasterio de las Benedictinas aka, las Carbajalas, in Leon.
  4. El Cascayal

    Windbreak or impermeable jacket

    I have used the Helium OR on 3 recent Spring and Fall wet and windy Camino conditions in Leon, Asturias and Galicia. It is very lightweight (5.6 oz) and it breaths very well. It is a good windbreaker as well. It is also thinner material than a regular jacket. Mine got caught on a nasty zarza...
  5. El Cascayal

    Processionary caterpillars are DANGEROUS!!!

    Damn, and I thought vipers, bees/wasps and the huge flies were what to look out for. Adding these predatory caterpillars to the growing list of critters to stay away from. Derek, this picture is it the earlier stages of the web or something else entirely? Taken in early November on the Invierno...
  6. El Cascayal

    Waymarking on Salvador - In both directions?

    Beautiful pictures. Striking that so many of these Virgen Maria carrying El Niño Jesus are front and central located behind the main altar. IE in Oseira.
  7. El Cascayal

    Waymarking on Salvador - In both directions?

    Just this past week on January 28th a group from Pola de Lena is planning to walk from La Catedral de Oviedo to La Catedral de Leon in 5 stages on consecutive single weekend days. The article appeared in the newspaper La Nueva España that I was unable to open. “ Lena organiza un recorrido en...
  8. El Cascayal


    Yes, it would be rather informal and highly un scientific. Who knows how many would have to answer for it to be statistically significant? And at the end, we would be exactly where we are now. Permethrin or no, bit or not in all the possible combinations. 🪲🐜🐞 rule! No pun intended @davebugg 😂
  9. El Cascayal


    In all my previous Caminos, the one time I got bitten by bedbugs was the one time I didn’t permethrin spray both my backpack and silk liner. Though this is not a scientific experiment and is purely anecdotal, guess who will continue using permethrin. You will be glad that there are no pictures...
  10. El Cascayal

    Gronze Stage 38B - Cea to O Castro (Dozon)

    As if you need any further encouragement to visit Oseira…couldn’t resist posting the sello from the monastery. Do any of you have a picture of the sello from the new Albergue?
  11. El Cascayal

    Movistar SIM - Which Offer?

    Question for @Peregrina2000 and @Rick of Rick and Peg: I just read the Movistar offer again, the prepaid pay as you go posted by PLOP this one gives you 40 GB, 200 Minutes of calls valid for 6 mos that renews every 28d for €10. Seems like a good deal?
  12. El Cascayal

    Movistar SIM - Which Offer?

    This pay as you go is a great deal and the charge for shipping to US 7-14 business days is € 7.50.
  13. El Cascayal

    Gronze Stage 38B - Cea to O Castro (Dozon)

    I also went to Mosteiro Santa María de Oseira. It is a very short and pleasant walk from Cea. The monastery has been restored and there is a tour. There are spectacular columns. The Trappist monks are very hospitable. A brand new Albergue opened in 2022. Two bars in town. When I walked there in...
  14. El Cascayal

    First timer, solo woman senior. Travel company or self book?

    It’s the most walked stretch with plenty of support and fellow Pilgrims. Walking as a solo woman is not a problem. Many of us on this forum walk alone, at least we start that way and we are way older. 🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏽‍♀️Check out to get a good idea. Then make your own stages. Buen Camino!
  15. El Cascayal

    Jeans on the camino

    I live in shorts all year round and I would never wear them on the Camino. Have encountered lots of spikey brambles when the Camino is overgrown and was glad they sliced my pants and not me. What’s available in your neck of the woods that is reasonably priced hiking pants with features you may...
  16. El Cascayal

    Buying credenciales for subsequent caminos

    I always pick up extra Credenciales to give to future Peregrinos, what a joy to see their faces light up. Strangely on my last Camino, after doing a last minute unplanned for “rouge” mini Invierno from Diomondi, I was so thrilled to arrive at La oficina de Peregrinos, I forgot to get extras...
  17. El Cascayal

    Bendueños snowfall January 20, 2023

    Sandra must have special Peregrino radar. We also dragged ourselves up the twisting hill and when she saw us arriving, ran up with a tureen of incredibly wonderful hot soup. And because a picture is worth a thousand… The last picture: Sandra is in the front, her guardian angel is behind her, my...
  18. El Cascayal

    Planning a “25 km or less” Camino on the Invierno

    👏👏😂😂 a must do if clear skies with gorgeous views of La Catedral and Galicia!
  19. El Cascayal

    Bendueños snowfall January 20, 2023

    At the end of the stage that seems to curve and curve and keep on going into the sky. One hundred x one hundred x YES!
  20. El Cascayal

    Bendueños snowfall January 20, 2023

    Sandra, the Hospitalera at el Santuario de Bendueños, Asturias Camino del Salvador just sent me these pictures.

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