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  1. super7

    What are the chances of me cycling the camino de santiago?

    Should be no problem. I did the return trip when I was 50 in 2004 (total of 5450 km in 8 weeks). Best of luck with your challenge.
  2. super7

    Paraplegic man who made a 2500 km pilgrimage to Santiago

    He went to SdC in 2007. The 2009 trip is to Rome.
  3. super7

    Paraplegic man who made a 2500 km pilgrimage to Santiago

    According to his website this will be July next year.
  4. super7

    How long does it take?

    It all depends on the amount of luggage you want to carry along and the average km you are willing to peddle each day.
  5. super7

    Back from biking the Camino Frances

    Nice pictures. Brings back a lot of happy memories of my return trip to Santiago in 2004.
  6. super7

    Why biking

    When I was in SJPP in 2004 I found a good bike shop next to the large supermarket (walking distance from the campingsite).
  7. super7

    Routes through France

    Try this link (in Dutch). http://www.fietskaartinformatiestichtin ... /index.htm
  8. super7

    Why biking

    Reason for doing the Camino by bike is because I love cycling and the available time only allows me to do a return trip by bike (walking the same stretch would take me at least 6 months). As with all my long distance trips I made so far I choose to start from home and return home using the same...
  9. super7

    How addictive is the Camino?

    Daar was ik al bang voor. 'k Zal me baas alvast inlichten over toekomstige vakantie plannen. I thought so, better inform my manager that I will need more and longer holidays in the near future.
  10. super7

    How addictive is the Camino?

    Cycled to Santiago in 2004 (return trip with a total of just over 5400 km in 8 weeks), and not a day goes by that I'm not thinking about the trip and cycling parts of the route in my mind. The more time passes the more I realize that I want to experience the whole thing over again, hopefully...
  11. super7

    Your advice - Cycling the actual Camino Frances ????

    My advise is: don't do it. Let the people walking the footpaths alone. I have seen people on ATB bikes scaring the living daylight out of unexpected pilgrims on foot. No consideration at all and creating a lot of dust for the walkers as well.
  12. super7

    Raising money for the Leukaemia Research Fund.

    Did a return trip to Santiago de Compostela in 2004. A total of just over 5400 in 8 weeks. Check out my website for details. Santiago 2004, or this year's fundraising activity Venice 2006. Cheers, Jan The Netherlands

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