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    Comparing specific leg of Coastal vs Central on descent into Redondela

    What I realized though, is that we might miss the little donative stand of drinks, snacks and fruit and small souvenirs that has both the yellow hiking and blue hiking boot on a post. IF I remember correctly that stand was right after the descent on the way into Redondela. May have to walk over...
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    Comparing specific leg of Coastal vs Central on descent into Redondela

    Perfecto!! Thank you soooooooooooo much!!!! I love this screen shot, we stayed at A Boa Estrella so I know exactly where this is!!
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    Comparing specific leg of Coastal vs Central on descent into Redondela

    Thanks! Good advice to bring lots of water and some food for walking above the city. I am okay with my quads feeling it, but that descent from the Central from OPorrino really did in my toes at such a steep angle--even with self imposed switchbacks! I tied my shoes in a heel lock, had on two...
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    Comparing specific leg of Coastal vs Central on descent into Redondela

    Just wondering... I did the Central Portuguese in May of 2022 and would like to compare these two legs: I did the path between OPorrino and Redondela and there is a very very very steep descent into Redondela that unfortunately gave my feet some issues for the rest of the trip. I wonder if this...
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    Can't decide 3rd Camino....

    I think starting in Baiona is a great idea!!!
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    Can't decide 3rd Camino....

    Yes, David, that makes perfect sense. Why didn't I think of that... Walking the Spiritual Variant, visiting the monasteries along the way, staying at the Monastery in Armenteria, walking the path of Rock and Water and then the amazing boat ride with the crosses... and obtaining her Pedronia in...
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    Can't decide 3rd Camino....

    Hola amigos! I finished the Central Portuguese from Tui including the Spiritual Variant in May. It was more than I ever hoped for! My best friend asked that I take her on that route-- and we are planning it for this coming May, and I'm thrilled!! I am not looking for the exact repeat magical...
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    LIVE from the Camino Camino Portuguese Coastal Route - Tips & Tricks 🚶🏼‍♀️

    My certificate of distance starting in Tui and taking the Spiritual Variante and the boat states: 119k. I finished two weeks ago. Hope this helps.
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    LIVE from the Camino Camino Portuguese Coastal Route - Tips & Tricks 🚶🏼‍♀️

    Sorry, but Abertinho's info is incorrect. We just finished the same Camino last week. Starting in Tui and taking the Spiritual Variant. You need two stamps per day that are very easy to obtain-- and yes you will get your Compostela AND your Certificate of Distance. Happy to answer any questions...
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    Blisters in Pontevedra

    Anyone have any recommendations if there is a recommended pharmacy here to treat our blisters. So many to choose from....(pharmacies not blisters). Have switched shoes. Switched socks. Changed lacing techniques and done everything to prevent....but the steep descents got us. Thanks! In...
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    Lost & Found Lost Merrell shoes from Larrasoaña albergue

    Just curious about this topic about mistaken shoes --- we'll be staying in private rooms in the albergues, do we leave our shoes in the public shoe area or can we take them into our room? Just wondering... thanks in advance!
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    O Porrino Accommodation Question

    Hotel Hostel Expo is outside of Porrino, but the owner asks you call and they will pick you up from town and then bring you back in the morning (no extra charge). CaminoWays uses them AND our luggage transport company Caminofacil has a working relationship with them. They have a swimming pool...
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    Route after OPorriño : Chans opción

    Wondering if anyone has any clearer directions than the Brierley book on the more scenic route after OPorrino titled the Chans opción. It looks like 2.5 k out of OPorriño Central that takes you to Mos. The directions are very confusing "the waymarks have been obliterated. This offers to take the...
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    Covid testing sites in Santiago De Compostela

    We are bringing our own covid tests for return to the US. We are bringing two tests each. You can order them via and keep the test sealed in their packaging. When you get ready to leave Spain or anywhere actually-- you use your phone to log onto their website and a live person walks you...
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    Tips to handle severe fish/seafood allergies on CF?

    Great tips that I will second. I have serve allergies to pecans! Go straight to the first pharmacy you find and get an epi pen. Also, I carry the pediatric melt aways of 12.5mg benedryl that if I start to feel a reaction, I take immediately, followed by by the 25mg dose if I need to. There is a...
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    For coffee addicts that like to walk early

    Everyone who is considering an immersion heater who has never used one before, make sure it is rated for 240v and you'll need your adaptor- because most have the US plug. Here is a quick tutorial on youtube for them:
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    For coffee addicts that like to walk early

    Immersion heaters are wonderful but tricky-- AND this one you posted has an adaptor for 240v. I once blew out an outlet forgetting that I need that adaptor!! Buen Camino!!
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    helpful article on hand laundering

    can I ask what size dry bag and which brand? thanks!
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    starting Camino from Tui next week

    ALSA and AUTNA buses do not start until 1:30 on Sundays....Thanks!

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