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  1. Jan Jones

    San Toribio and Covadonga

    If you don’t want to constantly check maps and are walking less well marked trails it might be worth taking out a subscription to Wikiloc - it’s pretty cheap- then you should be able to find maps for the trails which you can use offline. When you go off trail (or miss an arrow) it will alert you...
  2. Jan Jones

    Leave only footprints

    I’m not sure what you mean by this. I use both the Forum and dedicated Facebook groups.
  3. Jan Jones

    I'm so discouraged!

    A search for “Lambs “ wool will probablt give you a zillion useless results - If you search for “hikers‘ wool” or “trekking wool” should give you a site where you can buy it online. In Australia you can get it from Paddy Palin stores.
  4. Jan Jones

    Train from SdC to Madrid

    Rail Europe - if you do a search for a route by date it will offer you the option for alerts.
  5. Jan Jones

    Sick in logrono.

    That’s tough- as well as following all the above advice you might want to check with your insurance company if you have insurance- there should be an emergency contact number on your policy. Sometimes they can help guide you. Take care.
  6. Jan Jones

    How much water is ‘plenty’ on the Hospitales?

    Thanks LoWo - I am the original poster - planning for the 16th weather permitting - very useful. Buen Camino .
  7. Jan Jones

    LIVE from the Camino BobY333 on the San Salvador (otra vez!)

    The dog is there but on the right side of the fence ,which, it seems, has been fixed.
  8. Jan Jones

    LIVE from the Camino BobY333 on the San Salvador (otra vez!)

    Buen Camino - I started last a Sunday and I’m in Mieres tonight , much slower than you , what a glorious Camino it is. In hindsight it was probably a tad reckless to walk it alone as the slowest person on the trail - one rolled ankle and no one would find me until the first pilgrim came along...
  9. Jan Jones

    How to pack Tilley hat (ltm6) into backpack?

    Sorry to be a grinch, but, It might heal your soul but it will do invisible damage to your skin and you won’t know about it until it’s way too late - at least use a good SPF 50 sunscreen when not wearing your wonderful hat. Buen Camino.
  10. Jan Jones

    Train from SdC to Madrid

    That’s interesting- I had assumed that prices didn’t go down once the tickets were released - only up, worth knowing .
  11. Jan Jones

    Alert Camino Primitivo closed by forest/grassland fire in the Tineo district

    I’ll be a day ahead of you if that pesky Pajares dog doesn’t get me 😉
  12. Jan Jones

    Train from SdC to Madrid

    This indicates that you can renew online.
  13. Jan Jones

    Train from SdC to Madrid

    I had researched getting a Dorada card but it seemed that they can only be applied for iinitally in person in Spain. Renewals can be done online so I will definitely get one once I arrive. Is this right J Wihaus?
  14. Jan Jones

    Train from SdC to Madrid

    The fares differ vastly depending on when you are travelling and how long before the dates they open the bookings. June bookings only opened last Saturday. I have been checking the site daily since early March and had the RailEurope alert set ( it came through). The fares are set by RENFE ...
  15. Jan Jones

    Train from SdC to Madrid

    SdC to Madrid early June is costing me €68 and takes 3 hours 22.
  16. Jan Jones

    Train from SdC to Madrid

    Yes the Renfe site has the cancellation and change option .
  17. Jan Jones

    Train from SdC to Madrid

    Yes , initially it says no trains available, then trains full, then “bingo” up they pop. It’s torture for control freaks like me. 😉
  18. Jan Jones

    Train from SdC to Madrid

    I was checking daily- June only released yesterday. The alert from Rail Europe came through just after I booked on Renfe so it is probably worth settling up .
  19. Jan Jones

    Train from SdC to Madrid

    in an earlier thread ‘High Speed train Santiago to Madrid’. there was discussion about the faster trains being booked out ahead in the busy times . Generally the earlier you book the cheaper the journey but I’m not sure about this route in June. You can go to the RENFE website, they do have an...
  20. Jan Jones

    Language app

    I have spent a lot of time on Duolingo and I have learnt a lot of vocabulary for which I am very grateful. I have been to Spanish language classes and had some practice. I watch lots of Spanish movies and TV series with subtitles on and off. Most recently I discovered Coffee Break Spanish on...

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