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  1. estorildon

    From Paris to SJPD

    You take the train to Bayonne, not to Biarritz,
  2. estorildon

    Taxi services Pamplona to SJPDP

    There are always taxis sitting at the airport to take you to downtown to Pamplona. I think a fare to SJPdP at that hour of the day would make the taxi drivers dreams come true. It could be hundreds of euros not withstanding a border crossing. Lots of people will say to find other pilgrims on the...
  3. estorildon

    November Camino - Getting from Paris to SJPP

    Brrrr! I consider November as winter. Meredith is the expert for winter walking, listen to her advice.
  4. estorildon

    Transiting in Bordeaux: Is 15-Minute Transfer Doable?

    There was second station in Bordeaux on the east side of the river. That was years ago and I now see it is no longer there.
  5. estorildon

    Bayonne? San Sebastian? Other? where to spend a day

    The tapas in San Sebastian is the best in all of the world. I am going there for a two night crawl next month. Bayonne is a very nice town with some very good restaurants along the River Nive and quite an informative museum about the Basque culture. The Cathedral there is wonderful. Given your...
  6. estorildon

    Transiting in Bordeaux: Is 15-Minute Transfer Doable?

    If you are there or have have arrived at the station on time, the transit time from one line to another is very quick. The main station in Bordeaux is a small station, however there are two stations in Bordeaux, so beware and study your ticket.
  7. estorildon

    Do you have any advice for potential flight disruption?

    I just encountered a similar kind of nightmare with a trip I had booked from Lisbon to SdC via Madrid next month. It seemed simple enough at the time and I did something I normally don't do, I used a travel aggregator, My Trip. Over the weekend Ryanair notified that they were cancelling my...
  8. estorildon

    Ride share Transport from Bordeaux to SJPDP June 1st

    There is a bus from the airport to the train station on regular basis and loads of trains all day long headed south to Bayonne.
  9. estorildon

    Shipping backpack - Do albergues charge to hold bags for people not staying there?

    I would expect them to refuse the bag, that is if there is even someone there to receive it. Most transport services operate locally and very early in the morning, so expect your bag to be left on the side of the road if you haven't made prior arrangements.
  10. estorildon

    What’s the likelihood of flights from USA to Paris being cancelled in August due to French strikes?

    Personally, I would say it is about a likely as an air traffic controller strike, a tornado or a hurricane happening in the US in August. Good luck with your Magic Crystal Ball prediction.
  11. estorildon

    Train Strike May 1 - Getting to Saint Jean PDP from Bayonne

    You will be lucky if anything is happening on May Day. Kick back and enjoy a glass of wine sitting at a cafe on the banks of the Nive.
  12. estorildon

    Rugby World Cup 2023 (Sept-Oct) and Camino plans

    Great heads up. I attended the Rugby Euro Championship in Bilbao in 2018. I booked an AirBnB for several nights many months ahead of the matches and planned to walk the Norte after the tournament. About a month ahead of my arrival I wrote the AirBnB owner about the arrangements for a key and...
  13. estorildon

    store backpack at casa ivar

    Why not send a PM to Ivar on this Forum?
  14. estorildon

    Getting from USA to start Camino del Norte

    From Miami look at TAP to Bilbao. From Bilbao it is easy to back track to Irun or just start walking from there. Unfortunately or fortunately however you want to look at it, you will miss Pays Basque and many hills as well if you start in Bilbao.
  15. estorildon

    French rail strikes March 2023

    Yes, the photo shows 158 pilgrims lined up yesterday at the Pilgrim Office to start from SJPdP, hoping to take the Napoleon Route and now it is officially closed until 3 April due to a snowy weather forecast. Let's hope they heed the warning and start up the Valcarlos Route we are not reading...
  16. estorildon

    Best and cheapest transport out of Santiago to Paris

    Flixbus is "cheap" and the one thing they are good at is starting on schedule if they are beginning a trip from the first terminal on their route. After that you are on your own. I took one of their buses from Toulouse that was supposed to leave around 18h, it had departed early in the morning...
  17. estorildon

    Taxis on the first Stage from SJPP

    You are not going to see much of the mountains from the N-120.
  18. estorildon

    Taxis on the first Stage from SJPP

    Why not start in Pamplona?
  19. estorildon

    Train Travel Paris to St Jean

    April 22 looks like it is very much into the French school holiday season as well. Lots of people flock to the beaches and mountains for the holiday period.
  20. estorildon

    Ride share Biarritz to St Jean. August 15, 2023

    You need to be a little more specific, i.e. what time of day and from what location in Biarritz. As others have said you are way ahead of your skis asking this question in the middle of March. For all we know France might be....well, I'll limit any political comments at this point.

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