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  1. Tui

    Live - Via de la Plata Live Report from VdlP Starting from Seville on 6/20/18

    Hi Youren, So sorry to read that your fruit was taken. I’m really enjoying your posts we will be following in your footsteps, starting end of August next year. Work commitments make us walk at that time of year! Take care, happy walking Donna.
  2. Tui

    Live - Via de la Plata Live Report from VdlP Starting from Seville on 6/20/18

    Love your posts, thank you Buen Camino.
  3. Tui

    Lovely Books

    jmcarp, I will look out for the film, thank you. Donna.
  4. Tui

    Lovely Books

    I’ll Push You is a wonderful book, shows you about true friendship. I laughed and cried.
  5. Tui

    Anthony Bourdain, Mental Health, and the Camino de Santiago

    A beautiful heartfelt article, thank you.
  6. Tui

    Leaving Seville on August 29th

    Hi John, we are aiming to land on 29th August next year and start walking the next day. All being well! The summer here in NZ gets very hot and humid so it will be lovely to walk in a dry heat. Wishing you well, Donna.
  7. Tui

    Leaving Seville on August 29th

    We’ll be following in your footsteps steps the end of August 2019 all being well. I’m also concerned about the amount of water to carry, 3 litres is a good amount. Enjoy and keep us posted, love to hear any updates. Donna.
  8. Tui

    Flights booked....

    Have an amazing Camino, enjoy every moment. We’ll be back next year.
  9. Tui

    Returning home to Australia

    Hope you had an amazing Camino. Coming back into New Zealand they also checked our walking poles and waterproof trousers. Wishing you a safe trip home, Donna.
  10. Tui

    A New Zealand peregrina dies in Leon

    Sincere sympathy to the family, R.I.P.
  11. Tui

    Camino from Madrid via Via de la Plata

    Thanks Annie we’ll have a search and see what we find. Donna
  12. Tui

    Camino from Madrid via Via de la Plata

    Thanks so much for your reply and take on board your comments. We’re trying to make the best of the time that we have available as we don’t know when we’ll be on that side of the world again!
  13. Tui

    Camino from Madrid via Via de la Plata

    Hi. Long time lurker and first time poster so please be patient. We walked the Camino Francés in 2015 and are looking to walk from Madrid to Santiago via the VDLP next year. We were originally looking at walking the whole of the VDLP but coming from New Zealand this adds a lot of time away from...
  14. Tui

    The good, the bad and the great news :-)

    Lovely to read your update, wishing you a memorable Camino.
  15. Tui

    Favorite sun protection shirt?

    I got 2 lovely long sleeved shirts from Kathmandu NZ they have the sun protection you want and the fabric breathes really well. The sizing was generous so I ordered a size smaller, hope they can ship to you. Happy shopping
  16. Tui

    Decathlon coming to Australia in September 2017

    Great news, I have a fleece jacket that's at least 12 years old and still looks new.
  17. Tui

    New soon to be released movie on "The Camino"

    I will probably have to wait until next year to watch it in NZ, unless we're really lucky. Just ordered the book, really looking forward to it.
  18. Tui

    New soon to be released movie on "The Camino"

    Just watched the trailer with tears rolling down my cheeks, I look forward to watching their beautiful friendship on the Camino. Amazing, thank you.
  19. Tui

    What if you weren't a Camino purist and...

    Why would you not want to? WIND, RAIN, SHINE..... you have the greatest soul searching, life changing, best food, wine and company as you walk. If your heart is truely into the Camino, just do it. I can only dream of the next time.
  20. Tui

    Walking The Cp With A Group Of Very Special People...

    You are truely inspiring. Wishing you and the girls an amazing camino.

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