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  1. gregdedman

    An in-depth review of the Osprey Exos 48 backpack

    I noticed that there were many requests for gear recommendations on these forums and so I thought I would share my experience with the Osprey Exos 48 litre pack as a possible choice for your own camino. The link below take you to my dropbox where you can download a long, honest review with...
  2. gregdedman

    Photos from my first stage of the Cami Catalan.

    Hi there all, Thanks for all your advice last week, my first stage of the Camino Catalan went without a hitch I happy to say. I walked from the monastery at Montserrat to Cervera some 63km away. Here are the photos from the walk and may I just say, it's a wonderful spring in this part of...
  3. gregdedman

    Urgent solution required! Getting to Montserrat.

    Hi all, This is probably not the right forum for this but I'm a pilgrim in need! :) I'm walking a stage of the Camino Catalan from Monday 15th and my plane doesn't land into Barcelona El Prato airport in time to get out to Montserrat by public transport. I will waste an entire day (of a very...
  4. gregdedman

    URGENT solution required! Getting to Montserrat.

    Hi all, I am a little stuck right now. I'm walking a stage of the Camino Catalan from Monday 15th and my plane doesn't land into Barcelona El Prato airport in time to get out to Montserrat by public transport. I will waste an entire day (of a very short trip) getting out of Barcelona and...
  5. gregdedman

    Anyone need footwear/foot advice?

    Hi all, I'm not quite sure why I havn't thought of this before but better late than never! I'm a veteran of one Camino Frances in summer, one in winter. A Camino Muxia, a Camino Finistere and finally, imminently a Camino Catalan. When I'm not walking the Camino, I lead hikes in the...
  6. gregdedman

    Barcelona to Montserrat help needed please.

    Hi all, So, I booked some flights last week, spur of the moment really and have decided to walk 3 days of the Camino from Barcelona to Montserrat. I've looked through a lot of the posts on the forums but couldn't find my specific answers so thought I'd try here. Firstly, I know there are two...
  7. gregdedman

    The video memory of my 1,001km Camino to Santiago

    Hi there all, I have been meaning to do this for some months and finally got around to compiling some of my photos with music from my 2010 Autumn/Winter Camino to Santiago, Muxia, Finisterre then back to Santiago completing 1,001km...
  8. gregdedman

    Can anyone identify this fungus!? Muxia to Finisterre path

    Hi there all, I wondered if there were any fungus experts out there on the forums that could positvely identify this strange octopus-like fungus I found growing from the leaf litter last December on the trail between Muxia and Finisterre. I have a passing interest in edible fungus' so know a...
  9. gregdedman

    Virtual pilgrimage courtesy of 'Your Camino' book

    Hi there everyone, Some of you may have read Sillydoll's post on the new book 'Your Camino'... http://www.caminodesantiago.me/board/pilgrim-books/topic10457.html 'Your Camino' not only provides a wealth of information in book form, but also a 'virtual pilgrimage' youtube channel that is...
  10. gregdedman

    My Camino de Santiago 2010 video

    Hi there everyone, I thought I'd try the forums video function out and post my video snapshot of my last Camino, the Frances, Camino Muxia and the Camino Finisterre. I walked 1,001km with a good friend of mine from Australia, Liz DeHaan during the months of October, November and December...
  11. gregdedman

    Anyone seen these dogs recently?

    Hi there everyone, Back in December 2010 I completed my second Camino at Cape Finisterre. As I arrived at the lighthouse in the cold, wintery morning I had company. Not my fellow pilgrim but these two beautiful hounds. They looked cared for, both obviously not short of a bone or two to chew...
  12. gregdedman

    SURREY pilgrims, Woking, Guildford etc

    Hi there all, Im Greg and have recently completed my second Camino and have settled back here in Surrey. The problem with returning to your native country, I find, is losing physical contact with those friends you made along the way and keeping those feelings of camaraderie, support...
  13. gregdedman

    A smoke free Camino :)

    For those who know Europe, and who have visited Spain before may remember that the anti smoking bans and enforced laws that govern smoking bars, restaurants and public places didn't really apply to Spain until now. The UK, France, Germany, Holland and sometimes Italy adhere to a strict no...
  14. gregdedman

    An unholy year on the Camino Frances

    I've been mulling over writing this post for a long time now, weighing up both the plus and negative points, as far back as November when I found myself in the middle of my second Camino Frances, just three years after my 1st. What prompted me to begin scribbling notes, details, thoughts and...
  15. gregdedman

    Incredible new Xunta albergue at Dumbria

    Hi all, Just back from my 2nd camino and wanted to let you know about a few changes to guides you may have. There is a stunning new modern albergue based at Dumbria, situated roughly 13km after Olveiroa and 20km before Muxia. The money was donated by a wealthy businessman (apparently the...
  16. gregdedman

    A sad day on the Camino Frances today.

    Hi there everyone, I just wanted to share with you all a disturbing incident I witnessed yesterday on the Camino Frances between Rabanal Del Camino and Manjarin. I was in the middle of a snow storm but had fought through to lay my momento down at the Cruz de Ferro, like thousands of other...
  17. gregdedman

    Strikes and disruptions at French airports

    Hola all, I thought that i'd start a topic regarding the troubles in France for anyone heading to the start of their Camino or indeed leaving for home. In France millions of students and workers have been striking for a week and protesting against government reforms to up the age of retirement...
  18. gregdedman

    Something to both make you chuckle and gross you out! :)

    I have no idea how I stumbled upon this little gem of an e-book but I did ok?! :D I thought I'd share it with you all to brighten your day or just give you some food for thought on the subject of outdoor tolieting! (Im so sorry!) It doesn't go through the etiquette of such an activity so if...
  19. gregdedman

    Camping supplies in or around St Jean?

    Hola all, Im planning the finer points of my autumn pilgrimage and am wanting to take lightweight stove/burner with me to boil water for hot choc, soups, noodles etc. Now, such burners are very cheap on the internet, a gel burner costs only a few pounds, but my problem is transporting the...
  20. gregdedman

    'The Way' Film review - but alas, still no studio backing

    Hola, Sillydoll posted a link to a review of the film 'The Way' starring Martin Sheen and I've found another; http://www.variety.com/review/VE1117943515.html?u=IMDB&p=H2BE&cs=1 It appears that the film makers are yet to secure the backing of a major studio and subsequently the film has no...

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