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  1. Bill's_Walking

    Orisson & Borda

    There is Honto but its only about 5 km outside of SJPDP. You could always take a cab back to SJPDP if you felt you can't go on, and or wait at Orisson to see if there are any cancellations. When I stayed there one person in my party had decided to cancel, so I was stuck with an extra...
  2. Bill's_Walking

    Getting to SJpdp from Madrid

    I took a train to Pamplona, stayed the night and then took the bus to SJPDP
  3. Bill's_Walking

    Pocket coin pouch for those EU coins?

    Yeah this something like what I buy but without the floral prints ;-)
  4. Bill's_Walking

    Competition for the best hamburger in Spain

    I had an excellent burger in Pamplona at "Lamudita Burger Studio" back in 22.
  5. Bill's_Walking

    Looking for publishers partial to Camino literature

    FWIW you can self publish though Amazon
  6. Bill's_Walking

    Shaving,......probably more for the men!

    FWIW Google "wet shave" so you can have that experience at home. I grew my beard out when Covid arrived but before I wet shaved at home with a safety razor and used to use a hot wet wash cloth. I did get all the other gear too. My excuse for not doing this on the Camino is you can't take a...
  7. Bill's_Walking

    Small hip/shoulder pack

    I use that pack to carry my sketchbook. I use an A5 size hardcover sketch book that's 5.8" by 8.3" It will fit pens, pencils and a lot of other stuff. I would say its perfect as a bum bag and a bit less so as a sling, since it tends to tilt a little. However its very comfortable no matter...
  8. Bill's_Walking

    Any upstate NY'ers here? Saugerties, Kingston, Woodstock, Albany area?

    I'm not a New Yorker anymore, but I live just outside Danbury CT.
  9. Bill's_Walking

    How many nights should we spend in Pamplona before heading to SJPdP

    Pamplona its one of my favorite cities too! Its a got a nice easy going vibe. I've stayed the night in Pamplona before heading on to SJPdP, to ease the jet lag before, and will do so the next time I do the walk. I found it was a great place to replace anything I may have forgotten to pack and...
  10. Bill's_Walking

    Camino Primitivo - Scared of Heights

    It does help you loosen up to cushion the fall.
  11. Bill's_Walking

    Learning Spanish while walking the Camino

    Lainey, that's not a problem!
  12. Bill's_Walking

    Learning Spanish while walking the Camino

    From her website it looks like she only provides the course on the Camino Inglese, Still good though. Thanks for this.
  13. Bill's_Walking

    The Camino Goose Game?

    Elaine it is the blue text next to the picture of the game in Kiwi-family's post above. just click on it and it brings you to the website for purchasing.
  14. Bill's_Walking

    Searching for a walking quote

    Or perhaps: Kierkegaard, who said, “Above all, do not lose your desire to walk: Every day I walk myself into a state of well-being and walk away from every illness; I have walked myself into my best thoughts.”
  15. Bill's_Walking

    Searching for a walking quote

    It's sometimes attributed to St Augustine Solvitur Ambulando I mean.
  16. Bill's_Walking

    What camera do you use?

    I mostly use my phone camera, a Galaxy Note 20, image quality wise it still goes toe to toe with my wife's latest iPhone. I've taken a large sensor point and shoot (Fuji X100v) that fits in my waist bag, but it hardly gets used except in the evenings. If you're doing video, then a GoPro or and...
  17. Bill's_Walking

    The Camino Goose Game?

    You can purchase through the link. I just did and paid with Paypal. They are shipping to CT where I live.
  18. Bill's_Walking

    The Camino Goose Game?

    The book is really good and goes into the Goose connection from pre Christian Spain and France before the Templars got involved, and where the image's of her showed up in churches along the way, as well the plaza in Logrono.
  19. Bill's_Walking

    Lost youtube video

    You might be able to find it by going through your YouTube history. You can even search for terms like "camino" when on your history page.
  20. Bill's_Walking

    I've walked the Camino in barefoot shoes

    It's got to be something about Galicia. When I walked the Camino Ingles I encountered a barefoot walker.

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