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    Rainy season on Camino frances

    You can check out CaminoWeather to look at exact stats from previous years for that date. Here's their report for a May 9th start: https://caminoweather.com/frances/?startLocationId=000&endLocationId=209&startDate=2024-05-09&lengthType=stages
  2. K

    Accommodation from Malaga

    I started the Mozarabe on... I want to say March 3rd last year. All of the albergues listed on Gronze were open. Like @Flog said, they're unstaffed, more like a "call the police station or town hall the day before and let them know you're coming" sort of situation. Edit: albergues listed on...
  3. K

    Starting Mozarabe in Malaga 4/2024

    @jpflavin1 I live in Malaga, ask me anything. Credencial: the cathedral bookstore sells them. It's built into the south side of the cathedral, small door that's easy to miss. But, their working hours are pretty narrow, like 10:00-14:00 or something like that.
  4. K

    Planning First Camino, February: Advice, safety, comfort

    My strategy is to buy some instant coffee, and dump it into a zip-lock. Get a plastic cup and spoon somewhere, and you're independent on this.
  5. K

    Current resources for the Camino Mozårabe

    When I was in Villaharta this year, I ran into a couple that had been driven back from the halfway point by cab. They said the driver was a nice guy and pretty flexible, so this could be arranged with him over the phone. I don't know the specifics though. NOW YOU TELL ME?! 😉
  6. K

    Weather on Camino Frances May/June

    Looks like they've added Almeria.
  7. K

    Planning to Walk the Camino Mozárabe de Málaga: Questions and Concerns

    I was there last spring. The walk out of Malaga isn't unpleasant, but definitely not thrilling. But if you're "distance-challenged", then the bus might be worth considering. It took me and my wife two hours to walk Malaga - Junta de los Caminos, but then ALMOST FIVE HOURS to climb up to...
  8. K

    Cadiz Association

    Here you go: info@asociacionjacobeacadiz.org
  9. K

    Thoughts on walking Camino Sanabrés in June

    I was on the Sanabres in May last year. Honestly, it was a bit too hot for me already, so I'd be wary of June. On the other hand, April could mean the temperature dropping down to freezing at night, which wouldn't make for very fun mornings. But given how hot 2023 was in Spain, and how 2024...
  10. K

    Weather in October

    You could try comparing the two on CaminoWeather. Looks to me like Portugues would be a bit warmer, but also a bit raniner that time of year. But not by a lot on either. Ingles in October Portugues costal in October
  11. K

    When to do the Camino

    Which month do I recommend? April. Why: Because I walked the CF in August :) No but seriously, August temperatures on the Meseta (so, Burgos-Astorga) are... just bad. If you start in late April, then you're looking at 15-20C / 60-70F highs, which I really like for physical activity outside...
  12. K

    Remote working / office / laptop rental - el norte

    I did, but with my own laptop. Now if you need to get your hands on a computer, then no - albergues won't be very helpful for that. But in the cities, I think you should be able to find coworking spaces that will give you computer access. If you give some more details about what you'd be...
  13. K

    Is 42 days for SJPDP to Finisterre too long?

    I think you're assuming that everyone else will be doing the "standard" stages, so I guess around 37 days? This is absolutely not true for the Frances. The amount of albergues in towns between stages is big enough that nobody *needs* to stick to them. Because of that, daily distances will...
  14. K

    Interactive Map

    My favorite and default is Mapy.cz. But for the sake of completeness, I'll add that Gronze.com recently put out their own app for this. And I've had situations in which it displayed more up-to-date info than Mapy.cz.
  15. K

    Camino Portuguese alone or with someone

    When I went on my first Camino, I was absolutely terrified. I think it would be unusual if you weren't at least a bit scared! Can you do it alone: yes, absolutely. You're going to have a great time. Tip on how to calm down: remind yourself that it's normal to be gushing with adrenaline when...
  16. K

    Elevation gains and losses

    If you want to get exact numbers for elevation gains/losses, you can check out https://mapy.cz. (They have an app too.) It's a bit cumbersome to use, but if you look up a route in "tourist" mode, it will follow the nearest hiking trail - the Camino, in this case - and give you very detailed...
  17. K

    LePuy weather/gear for May

    I haven't walked the Le Puy, so I can't offer first-hand advice. But if you want to look at the weather from previous years, you can check out https://caminoweather.com/le_puy/example/may. It'll give you a big table of what the exact forecasts were, for every stage. You can edit the end date...
  18. K

    eSim for Spain

    On the Mozarabe, I think there may be situations in which you'd like to make a classic phone call. When doing the variant out of Malaga, I had to call the police station a few times to get albergue keys. (No WhatsApp, just the old-fashioned way.) If that's a concern for you, then you can buy...
  19. K

    Spring weather on Camino de Levante

    Hi Burlington! I haven't walked the Levante, so I can't offer a personal take on this. But at least as far as rainfall goes, you could check out this resource: https://caminoweather.com/levante/example/april for exact stats from previous years.
  20. K

    New (2017) Branch of Mozárabe -- Through Trujillo - Detailed update in 2023

    Wow, that must have been hard for you. I was on the Mozarabe around the same time, maybe even earlier. I live in Malaga, and even then it was unbearably hot for me at times.

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