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    Camino Mozarabe in the winter period

    Anyone know a rough figure for the cost per person per night of albergues in winter almeria to granada
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    Sarria (or thereabouts) how busy right now?

    Hiya! Walking the primitivo for the first time (it's amazing) and just arrived in Lugo. If you're in Sarria or just after (AND STAYING IN ALBERGUES) how busy is the last week on the frances right now please? Will meet it in a couple of days. Just wanting an idea of whether I should start...
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    Industrial Walking along the Norte...

    If you are not bothered about the Compostela, maybe don't skip bits and aim for Lugo (primitivo) or whatever is 100km out from Santiago on the norte You might feel more relaxed about how much you need to walk and worry less. Obvs you can always continue to Santiago! But that last week is much...
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    The 3 most 'memorable' Albergues you stayed in - and Why

    Great thread! Loved Granon and Gaulcelmo. Last Camino Frances had a great time and was so well looked after by a great German hospitalero in the parroquial in Bercianos. Communal meal and a really lovely ceremony Albergue de peregrinos on Forrester in Porto on the Portuguese, 2 miles or so...
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    Cacabelos municipal albergue reopened - 22 May 2023

    It's also close to the river if you want to swim :)
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    4 weeks on the Camino Frances: where to begin?

    Yeah this option! I really love the day out of Pamplona you climb up alto del perdon. Also some really pretty villages and bodegas irache before Logroño don't miss it! I wouldn't skip any just start in Pamplona and see how far you get. I really love the meseta too and it's the bit ppl often skip...
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    Getting to Sarria from Liverpool or Manchester

    Last time I returned home from Sarria to Manchester I had to get a lot of trains to catch my boat (I try not to fly nowadays). Because it was Sunday it was more tricky. So my advice is just to try avoiding Sunday if you can It's an easy 1 or 2 km walk from Sarria train station to albergues I...
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    Rethink HOW and WHEN you walk the Francés - strategies for walking during busy times

    Good thread idea :) I have walked the Frances twice in sections on 4 trips in Easter, august, Feb/ march and may/June (although I have walked the meseta 3 times!). 2013, 2020, 2022 I have noticed that if ppl are skipping a section, it tends to be the meseta that they skip. I love it it's my...
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    Is it wise to book one-way flight, London to southern France, and book return when ready?

    Totally! I don't book my returns any more (also am from the UK) I was walking in march 2020 and obvs had to buy a second return ticket home as fast as possible! I wanted to return in 2022 to 'finish' that camino I booked to go in late march but it was -6 and loads of snow so I decided to delay...
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    Tell me your “everything is going haywire on my Camino” stories

    Thanks! I hope you recover quickly xx
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    Tell me your “everything is going haywire on my Camino” stories

    Thanks! I got covid on return and long covid, and still have longer term health impacts from that time like asthma. I returned last year and walked again. I really wanted the experience of walking out of the desert, so I restarted in Burgos and walked to Sarria
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    Tell me your “everything is going haywire on my Camino” stories

    https://covid19andtheendofthecamino.wordpress.com/2020/04/19/the-state-of-emergency-and-the-end-of-the-camino-escaping-spain-before-lockdown/ My story is on my blog. The 2020 date likely gives it away!!! I hope you recover quickly x
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    Mug or not? (and other kitchen ware)

    I take : v lightweight tupperware (often one that had a former life as an ice cream tub!) for leftovers/lunch Plastic spork Flask. I usually take a flask of coffee every day. I hike like that at home and I just miss it when I don't bring it The flask lid is a small cup that can be used for...
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    Ten year Tattoo!

    I thought about this then realised since I live in Manchester and could explain far better in English what I wanted I would do it here. I am really pleased I did because it's my first tattoo and I had not realised there is quite a lot of aftercare. Washing, sterile cleaning, wrapping in cling...
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    Dull, boring, urban and sketchy (sketchy?)

    So much love for this post! My favourite find last year was the parish hostel in bercianos with a communal meal and washing up, a walk to watch the sunset and a little ceremony for everyone.
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    Ten year Tattoo!

    It's ten years today since I first set out on my first pilgrimage Apparently they are addictive!! I got this tattoo to celebrate Am waiting for my right foot to recover from surgery so I can do the primitivo next, God willing :)
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    Leaving Leon - take a taxi to the outskirts????

    Agree, I've done this twice. Lots of buses can drop you at la virgen. I like to visit that church. If you take brierley's green routes you can easily make up the kilometres for that bus Really like the albergues in mazarife and enjoyed the walk to astorga from there. I can't comment on whether...
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    Best way to book or find the next days accomodation

    Yep. The struggle is real! Buen camino x
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    Is it rude to ask people why they walk

    I asked some people I got to know. I try to ask this in a way that people feel really comfortable not to answer. Like I might say, if you feel happy to share with me, can you tell me about your reasons for walking the way? If they say no or not now don't push just move the conversation onto...

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