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    Money Transfer

    I am no longer in Spain. Yes, if I was in Spain I would just go by and pay. Thanks though
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    Money Transfer

    I feel a bit foolish, but I need to send $18.00 to the Pilgrim Reception Office for the Distance Certificate and another copy of my Compostela. It is $18.00 or Euro, but my bank will charge me $60.00 to wire it. Ridiculous! I am sure there are cheaper methods to do this. Can someone...
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    LIVE from the Camino STOLEN from Foncebadon cafe 10am Sunday Oct 2, 2022

    She did not ask for your sympathy or your sanctimonious lecture. Goretex costs hundreds of dollars, but the jacket doubles as a piece of safety equipment. It is not his/her fault and anger is a totally appropriate response.
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    Question about Roman road route from Calzadilla de los Hermanillos to Mansilla de las Mulas

    Can you tell it is a Roman Road or does it just look like gravel. If it shows no signs of being a Roman road I may as well stay in the shade of the real Camino.
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    Question about Roman road route from Calzadilla de los Hermanillos to Mansilla de las Mulas

    Luisa i need to decide if I am going to do the same. There is a lot of negativity about taking the Roman road. What are your thoughts since you did it recently. I am 62 and will be walking alone. I know about no water, no shade etc.
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    Passport warning — expiration date

    Be sure and use an expedited SERVICE and not just expedite through the Government site. They can get the job done ASAP for not much extra $. Used to be that way anyway.
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    E SIM

    Thanks. I read that article. The article is NOT what the salesperson told me. I am going to print the information and take it to Verizon. Thanks, EM
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    E SIM

    I am a Verizon customer in the states. They told me that I couldn't get a sim card or otherwise get a plan in Spain because I still have 3 payments left on my phone. So I have to get their international plan which is $100.00 a month. It seemed strange because about everybody puts their phone...
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    How much water to carry?

    I am curious about the water situation. I start the CF on August 30. I have a large hydration bladder that fits in my day pack, but on my training walks I usually just carry a couple of water bottles with me. If you don't drink from fountains, do you drink bottled water? Does anyone use...
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    Please review my packing List

    I am leaving a day after you and no nearly as organized for my first camino. Two questions: hiking gloves (fingerless) - Do you use this to keep from getting blisters with the hiking poles? Half buff - What is this?
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    Catholic albergues and spots

    Thank you so much for asking this question. I am starting CF on August 30th, and hoping for a very spiritual camino. I appreciate all of the information.
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Spain health website

    I never heard of this and I leave August 25. What is the website?
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    Train or car together from Barcelona to Pamplona Sept 7, 2022

    That was a good idea to put that out there. I’m taking train then bus from Barcelona to SJPDP on August 28-29. Note that the times don’t match up to get it done in one day. Train one day, bus the next. Earliest train doesn’t arrive until bus has already left.
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    2 Questions

    Yes, I have received many good replies. I have added an additional 8 days to my trip so I won't be in such a hurry and can stop and see various "sites" that interest me. I have ordered a sleep sack and a light down blanket which will probably be ok, but I tend to be chilly at night and don't...
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    Pilgrim in spirit?

    This entire notion makes me sad. I am so emotional about my pilgrimage. I am preparing myself spiritually and so looking forward to it. Now I feel that people are going to view me as "less" because I am not able to carry my pack. I won't feel as though I need to explain my physical...
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    I am also traveling alone. At the moment, I am not scared or nervous. I am beginning the walk August 30th. I would love to have a friend to walk with, but I feel there will be plenty of people to tag along with. If you look at the busiest months on the Camino, September is one of them...
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    2 Questions

    Camino Frances. I guess I am searching the threads incorrectly. Under search, I have typed in "toilet", "bathroom", "sleeping bag" etc. Nothing. I felt self-conscious about my questions, but I did try to find answers on my own. I am running out of time.....Leaving 8/25.
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    2 Questions

    Walking month of Sept. into Oct. if necessary. I have heard of people taking light sleeping bags and others talking about some type of sleep sack. I am traveling as a pilgrim and will stay at albergues. What do I need to take for sleep? Do I spray for bedbugs before I leave home? Also, I...
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    Pilgrim in spirit?

    What does it mean to walk "unsupported"? I am planning to walk the entire Camino Frances as a pilgrim as I am walking for a spiritual reason. I have bone-on-bone arthritis w/ bone spurs in my foot, and an old rotator cuff injury. (62 years old). I can't carry a full pack so am getting...

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