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  1. alhartman

    Descent into Roncesvalles

    ALWAYS take the safest route!! It is a wonderful 35 day walk not to be ruined by impatience or shortcuts. Down to Roncesvalles Downhill into Zubiri. Downhill into Molinaseca. Some paths down from Vilacha. Come to mind.
  2. alhartman

    Respectful donativo amounts in 2024

    I always liked to donativo experience--especially in the earlier days. Stayed at only a few after 2013. This tread got me thinking about a ‘donativo only’ camino. I did not look at the possible stages, but taking the numbers from the recent "All Albergues" list (reminds me of the French Amis...
  3. alhartman

    Unexpectedly feminist pilgrimage

    Love this thread!! It is so much like so many of the albergue dinner conversations. Meaty, informative, and lots of respect and empathy.
  4. alhartman

    Cruz de Ferro

    FWIW, here is the Foncebadon/Cruz page from Brierley's 2003 edition that I used in 2005
  5. alhartman

    Collapsed black diamond z poles don’t lock anymore

    Not useful except when checking out before a camino, but here is a link for trekking pole parts https://cascademountaintech.com/collections/trekking-pole-replacement Google may have others.
  6. alhartman

    Which route has fewest cobblestones

    'Cobbles' on the Portuguese ended my 2017 Camino with trashed Achilles in both legs. It was to be for my 75th birthday. I was in reasonably good condition, but no amount of taping, insole changes, lacing changes, wearing of ankle braces could make it work. I started in Lisbon, walked a few...
  7. alhartman

    How do you count your caminos?

    Tough question; the metrics are squishy and compostela do not mean that much to me after the first. And I have done the 3 main French routes but ended in Santiago only on one from LePuy. I'd prefer to measure my joy of walking, and that is easiest by just counting the accumulated days for the...
  8. alhartman

    For Sale/Wanted Free Pattern for Parcho

    No takers so off to the Goodwill pile.
  9. alhartman

    Best 5 days

    Pamplona to Logrono. Sampler flavor of the Frances. Gronze stage 3-7. And Pamplona has air and train and bus access.
  10. alhartman

    For Sale/Wanted Free Pattern for Parcho

    Not exactly free, but will send free in return for your donation promise to one of the Camino charities: Forum, Peaceable Projects, donativo albergues, etc. Contact me by PM. I am not fluent in forum use, so I have a random number in mind to award if multiple responses. I am slow on DM use and...
  11. alhartman

    How far do most typically walk before resting?

    I found more mental peace on my caminos when I started thinking 'time' as my metric and (mostly) ignored distance. From teenage backpacking in the Sierras, I generally walk an hour and rest 5-15 minutes (more and I lock up) During rests I take off my shoes and socks and inspect my feet. Since...
  12. alhartman

    Cobblestones on the Portugues

    I walked Lisbon towards Santiago in September 2017as a 75th birthday present to myself. It was my final camino and the only one that I had to quit--because both my Achilles were 'torn'. I am sure it is my individual body structure, but I could not find a way to protect against the cobbles...
  13. alhartman

    A hard landing upon returning home

    Best thread in ages!! When I finished my first camino in 2005 (it was my consolation prize for a failed Pacific Crest Trail trip) I swore I would never do another. In 2006 walked LePuy and have had another 8 long walks since for a total of some 345 days. And it is only lately that I have...
  14. alhartman

    Starting from Sevilla in September

    I did the VdlP starting in late Oct 2010 after finishing the Vezelay in Pamplona--and taking a train to Seville. It was my toughest Camino by far: alone, poor Spanish, Alison Raju guidebook, few open bodega, maybe 5 other pilgrims until Zamora, most albergues locked so I had to find the nearby...
  15. alhartman

    Ashes on the Frances

  16. alhartman


    Here is my old list of stages from Brierly, amis.fr, and Gronze. So this is a list of places to avoid. Stop earlier or pass on by in favor of the next city. Bold cities show up as end stages in all three sources, Day Brierly Amis.fr Gronze 0 SJPDP SJPDP SJPDP 1 Roncesvalles...
  17. alhartman

    John Brierley is seriously ill - an invitation to send messages of thanks and support.

    John's guide was my constant companion on my 2005 Camino. I loved his balanced spirit approach as well as all the information. I used the margins as my diary as well. After my first camino, i only needed the single sheet guide that the amis in SJPdP provided. Navigating the camino is so...
  18. alhartman

    The French on the French Way

    One of the few playlists I have on my iphone for earbud listening as the albergue is settling in for sleep is: "Chanson"--a compliation of all the Piaf, Brassens, and Brel music cd I could find in my local library. A great listen IMO.
  19. alhartman

    Super Paranoid....Can i REALLY Do This?

    Yes, you can do it!! Everybody can IF they listen to their body and feet!! My mantra has always been 'start slow then taper off". It has carried me for some 340+ days on various routes. Along with ' I will do discomfort; i will not do misery" buen camino--you will love it taking time to enjoy...
  20. alhartman

    Camino Francés Federación to ban suitcases in their albergues (11 albergues affected by this rule)

    I dont see this so much as 'pilgrims vs tourists', but a matching of traditional pilgrims to limited 'cheap' beds in a total of less than 20 albergues out of many hundreds of other accommodations available. Probably a good thing for the 'traditional' pilgrim. Suitcase travelers and luggage...

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