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    Under-Publicized Backpack Options?

    @Puck1, Thank you so much for the helpful reply. I'm in the same situation as you, so I have been looking for that elusive blend of light yet supportive pack. 🙂 I think I will give the Trailblazer a try. 🙏
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    Under-Publicized Backpack Options?

    I've seen these online and wondered whether it was worth a try. My concern would be whether it the frame is supportive enough. Interested to hear your thoughts, @Puck1.
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    Who's counting…

    @Mics that's wonderful! Hope to see you there. 😀
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    Geneva airport to Lyon

    @Jstevo you can take a train directly from Geneva airport to Geneva Cornavin train station (7 mins), where you can get the train to Lyon. This page has all the info and links to Swiss transport that you need. As @Pelerina said, I think there is a tram as well. Check SBB for local info. Hope...
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    How light was your backpack for Camino Frances (800 km)

    @BarbaraW Thank you so much for sharing, that is really helpful. 🙏 I am in awe of your skills. 🪡 I love to sew and you have given me some great ideas!
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    Who's counting…

    OMG 54 days! @MARSKA Maybe I will see you there. 😎
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    How light was your backpack for Camino Frances (800 km)

    @BarbaraW I would love to see your packing list. 🙂 Do you have any light weight items you particularly love or recommend?
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    Seven days of walking in France prior to St. Jean de Pied Port

    Hi @M&M from OZ, La Malle Postale is a well known luggage transfer service on this route. They can store your suitcases in Le Puy and deliver them to you at the end of your walk in Conques. LMP are very responsive and they speak English. You can email them or submit a quote online. One thing...
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    Show me your backpack!

    Hi @Ken & Liz, would love to know which Aarn model you are using and your thoughts on it. I've been looking at Aarn, so interested to hear your experience.
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    Madrid to Pamplona

    Thanks Bob. 🙂 Great info! That is really helpful and I will give this option some thought. I like travelling by train in Europe, but this option would certainly save some time. I'm starting walking from Pamplona in April.
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    Madrid to Pamplona

    Thank you J, that's helpful.
  12. H

    Madrid to Pamplona

    About 9pm
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    Madrid to Pamplona

    Hi All, I seek the wisdom of the forum experts on travel logistics. 🙂 I have gathered as much info as I can, but hope someone can confirm my understanding of how to get from Madrid to Pamplona, with an overnight stay at Madrid Airport. As far as I have been able to work out, I can do the...
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    Under-Publicized Backpack Options?

    Wow, the Durston Kakwa does look good for an ultralight pack. Thanks for sharing that! I'd also love to hear more about your Aarn packs, @BlackRocker57 and @Joynz, and any other Aarn users out there. Which model do you use? What do you think of it?
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    Show me your backpack!

    Hi @SarahTheKiwi, I use a Gossamer Gear hipbelt pocket on my hipbelt. Love it! I keep my snacks and a few other items in there. Could you please let us know which pack you are using? This would make it easier to help further. 🙂
  16. H

    Resupply on Shoes

    Hi @Drifter, you coud consider using the luggage transfer services on the Le Puy route to store and transport your shoes. La Malle Postale operates from Le Puy to Lectoure - they can store your shoes and then deliver them to your accommodation at any location up to Lectoure. In the second half...
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    LIVE from the Camino Fourth time a charm?

    Wishing you all the very best on your journey. Buen camino.
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    Wanted to arrive at SJPDP via Biarritz..... confused

    Hi @SarahTheKiwi, I'm from Aus and as many others have said, unless you want to go to London for a particular reason, it will be much easier to fly to Madrid or Paris. If choosing Paris, then @Bruce777 has recommended a good option. Emirates does fly to Lyon. However, Lyon is not well...
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    Brands of clothing (merino wool)

    For those interested, Macpac is having an end of season sale right now, with some very good offers.
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    Starting Le Puy on Sat

    Wishing you a bon chemin. ❤️

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