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    August heatwave on camino

    Where do you find a 9 ounce solar umbrella?
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    Altra Olympus 5 Hike Mid GTX - follow up.

    Do understand that the Olympus model has vibram soles, very key difference here is that this higher quality sole last far longer than other Ultra shoes. My husband wore them last year and the vibram soles are still intact whereas my Timp 4 were basically well worn end of the Frances. Not sure...
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    Tips for Avoiding a Crowded Start Date on Camino Frances

    We started SJPDP-SdC last year leaving Aug 29 arriving 40 days later. Crowded Sarria onwards. We found some smaller villages/towns well before Sarria were impacted (ie Roncesvalles, Puente de Reina, etc). I've heard from those starting 1st week of Sept 2022 was even more crowded. Not sure...
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    Trekking poles, and testing foot wear

    Have you considered rubber tips for poles? They may offer a additional cushioning to buffer against upper body. I find the rubber tips really soften the sound of poles hitting rocks. I did some test hikes here in SF Bay are and found gloves were needed to keep area between thumb and index...
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    Duffel or backpack if transporting

    I ended changing plans one week after start of Frances to use transport since it's so cheap - last summer 5 euros/day. The handlers damaged my backpack at end of 3-4th week. Had to get a duffle bag (bought one at a Decathalon) to put damaged backpack into it to make it easier to handle. No...
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    Waterproof trail shoes. Yes or no?

    I’ve seen too many Peregrinos on Camino Frances last September limping because of Blisters usually from wearing water proof shoes. I usually hike in water proof shoes in colder climates (Patagonia, Machu Picchu, etc). I wore trail runners especially for this trek and not one blister. Hint- I...
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    Pamplona or Bayonne for an arrival rest day?

    Rest day - Bayonne, a small peaceful quaint village and famous for chocolates. Check out: Chocolat Cazenave, 19, Rue Pont Neuf, Bayonne, France. Like others shared in this thread, Bayonne is a "sweet" stopover to savor the French Basque region including SJPDP before the Camino Frances...
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    Accommodation in Zubiri for Camino Frances Walkers

    We stayed in this albergue had one of The best meals on the Camino: http://www.alberguesuseia.com/
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    Returning from Santiago de Compostela to Bayonne - Need Suggestions

    We had a few hrs stopover in Bayonne last Aug enroute to SJPDP to start Camino Frances. After googling some history it once had a thriving Jewish community that introduced chocolate making. Check out this delicious cafe Cazenave for some a tasty French pot of Thick rich hot chocolate and...
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    The Shell Symbol: A Sign on the Streets of Paris

    Cool! Met a peregrino on last Summer’s Camino Frances who stumbled upon this one marker to learn what it meant and took up on it.
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    Managing Knee Pain: What Has Worked for You?

    I have “minor” knee issues so far. What helped me on Camino Frances is prior training & conditioning, used day Pack instead of backpack, cross trained on bike and PT exercises. During Camino Frances, I exercised end of day, every other day. Multi prong approach included adding powdered...
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    August/September Start Advice

    We left SJPDP Aug 29 arrived Santiago Oct 7. We booked in advance up to Pamploma (1st 4 nights) helped a lot. If I was to do it over I'd book in advance to Puenta La Reina. Consider booking a week in advance before hitting Sarria onwards. The bed race from Sarria to Santiago was evident...
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    Roncesvalles and Mansilla seem to be the bed crunch trouble spots

    For me it was COVID, originally planned To do this last year. Many I’ve met also said same Reasons. Also Holy Year has been extended from last year to this year, again due to COVID. Sarria onwards was pretty busy!
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    Roncesvalles and Mansilla seem to be the bed crunch trouble spots

    Just completed Camino 2 weeks ago. I booked in advance for private lodging from SJPDP to Pamploma due to these suggestions. booked 2 nights in advance Pamploma onwards. Def found Mansilla bed space impossible so we walked there and bussed to Leon as Brierly suggested. Also found lodging...
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    September 2022 Statistics

    This low number surprises me too. According to various hosts Sarria onwards We’re part of a big wave. We arrive tomorrow Oct 7 so it will interesting to see updated numbers
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    Spiritual, Religious, or ??

    Nevermind ! Just found out from a guide must be religious
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    Spiritual, Religious, or ??

    Been searching for clarification on this topic. We arrive tomorrow Oct 7, 2022. online Form asks for choice of religious, no religion or religion snf other. I chose non. 2022 Brierly book says must be religious or for other vows. Will I be denied Compostela? (Ridiculous if this is the...
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    Jacotrans -ruined backpack

    Thanks for all input & advice. UPDATE- I ended up going to Decathalon in Ponferrada & Buying a shipping cover designed for backpacks. I plan to contact Gregory to see what they suggest; may look into a repair shop when I get home in a week. I too hate wasting stuff. I just didn’t want to...
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    Lost & Found Sunglasses found near Villafranca

    found these sunglasses just outside of Villafranca on flat route. I’ll be dropping these off today in Vega de Valcarce at Pension Fernandez.
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    Jacotrans -ruined backpack

    It’s a Gregory Octal 55L (ultra light) bought from REI, on sale (half price), that I bought about 6 months ago. I hope they will let me return it for credit/refund. If not I’ll check with travel insurance.

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