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  1. Nanc

    Wearable Warning Lights for Pilgrims/Walkers

  2. Nanc


    I too switched from Camelbak to Smarttubes (combines the best of both worlds in my opinion) But you might want to take one of the adaptors because threads in europe were not all the same as in the USA
  3. Nanc

    A new pack that could be a Camino fav!

    Spoke to GG MAX carry is 35 lb Comfort level is 30lb
  4. Nanc

    Clever way to hide cash

    "You can always hide your cash in the ATM machine" For those of us not in the EU, there can be some interesting fees for every withdrawal from an ATM. I paced myself for a withdrawal every 7-10 days based on expected meal and sleeping costs, so the total amount would not be too high (2,000e...
  5. Nanc

    Z-Packs Question

    I did for 580 miles of CF with side trips and Muxia and Finnesterre it handles 20 lb easily for me
  6. Nanc

    Z-Packs Question

    "Why do I always see someone telling how much weight they saved...then I see them get a book, or books, NB PC, etc out of their bag. Makes no sense." you may not understand a similar thought process some of us women go through: drink diet coke so you can get the french fries (or dessert or...
  7. Nanc

    Z-Packs Question

    Very comfortable I do use the sternum strap under heavy loads to pull it closer to the middle Or it rubs a little on collar bone But only at full loads And as said the weight can be primarily laid onto the hips with this pack
  8. Nanc

    For Sale/Wanted Packa for sale

    Sorry guys I have edited the post again to Indicate sold
  9. Nanc

    Ready to look at new footwear for Camino

    ""You might want to try looking at men's shoes. Here in the US a normal width women's shoe is a "B". A normal width men's shoe is a "D". So a wide men's shoe is wider than a woman's wide shoe. Also, men's shoes have more room for toes"" men's shoes also have a wider heel cup. despite my 2E feet...
  10. Nanc

    Blister product advice

    IMO #1 correct shoes for your foot and prevention I have tried: Vaseline Toe caps Hikers wool (though I do believe this helped on steeper down hills where sliding into the toe of a trail shoe was more likely despite lacing appropriately) Liner socks with wool over sock Darn tough socks etc...
  11. Nanc

    Hiking pole rubber tips wearing out too quickly

    great tip that worked well for me ( ha! just notice the pun!) I did bring 3 extra pairs of tips because i used my poles all the time how ever the metal tip tends to punch through the rubber separate from routine wear. from another suggestion I got plastic washers from the hardware...
  12. Nanc

    Black Diamond hiking poles problems

    in addition to the comments about dust dirt grim and rubber degeneration some have talked about trouble with the cable Most of these have access to the cable through the top of the handle - there is an attachment of the cable to the inside of the top which can be adjusted
  13. Nanc

    To Bring or Not to Bring on the Camino?

    I used to use a hydration bladder as I wanted to drink as I go but dreaded the weight and the risk of leakage. but I found the Smart tube which provides a tube/ bite valve that attaches to a clear water bottles of many types. That system is much lighter than a bag , provides flexibility...
  14. Nanc

    Z-Packs Question

    I did end up Buying Zpacks carry on bag with the handle. It protected the pack very well Instead of using it as a bag etc in the pack I shipped it on with some miscellaneous UN necessities I needed to pack my poles and knife With tension released from stays, its length is an inch or so longer...
  15. Nanc

    Z-Packs Question

    The arc zip
  16. Nanc

    Z-Packs Question

    I used the Arc Zip ( a bit heavier than the Blast) on my CF once adjusted it carried light without annoyance and transferred weight well with good back ventilation Having a larger capacity never interfered and I was never " tempted to over fill" in the environment of the Camino it suffered...
  17. Nanc

    Hiking Shoe - dilemma

    Wow davebugg that tutorial is detailed , accurate (IMHO) and a keeper Thank you Nanc
  18. Nanc

    Hiking Shoe - dilemma

    1) strongly recommend seek podiatrists input- orthotics could make all the difference for how your foot lands and rolls 2) look hard at your actual shoes size- most stores including REI tried to fit me into their wide widths because that was all they had once I was actually measured...
  19. Nanc

    My Packing List ... do your worst

    thoughts: you will need something between you and the bed- many albergues require it i used a pyrethrin sprayed Tyvek under my sleeping bag you may find that flip flops or ultralight weight sandals/ zoris etc do not provide enough support at your stated weight - so probably wont work as...
  20. Nanc

    Packing List - What's missing?

    "First, the deodorant. I took some and it made absolutely no improvement to the sweaty/smelly issue so I tossed it out" My feet sweet a lot. I used antiperspirant on my feet at night when i went to bed. I have used it in other situations to lessen perspiration of my feet (like when in cast...

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