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    Haglund's Deformity/lump on back of heel

    Sandals aren't the only option - my Merrell Trail Gloves have very soft backs
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    Swimming in Norte and sleeping bag question. Sept 2019

    Well since the locals will still be on their holidays, swimming and surfing along that coast, then you should be fine More likely to be too warm than too cold so the sleeping bag liner should be fine certainly for the beginning of September - though depends how long you are going to be walking...
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    Going from London to SJPdP

    Ryanair from Stansted to Biarritz, bus to Bayonne station then train to SJPP
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    Take a Screen Shot to Use as a Map

    I too am somewhat mystified at your seeming re-invention of the wheel: it's not an orienteering contest but a quiet road / trail based walk through nothern Spain Of the books, the best maps are in the Wise Pilgrim editions - there is one for the Primitivo with 80 hand-sized pages that weighs...
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    Best way to get to Irun

    No, I beg to differ - there don't seem to be any direct flights between London and San Sebastian airport
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    Camino Primitivo

    Fly to Santander and coach to Oviedo
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    Best way to get to Irun

    Fly to Biarritz then bus to Hendaye then walk across bridge or short train ride to Irun
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    Connection to Sarria the same day?

    Pretty much impossible unless you take a taxi from Santiago Airport to Sarria From SCG would need to take bus via Lugo or train via Ourense and at least 3 hours (and last bus to Lugo leaves at 8pm) From MAD bus via Lugo would be at least 8 hours
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    Primitivo in April?

    I'd worry less about the small chance of snow - my main worry would be mud from the accumulated rain over the winter and spring
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    What File Formats are Allowed in Resources Section?

    This one seems to be a zip file that contains a pdf and the Excel file https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/resources/example-camino-packing-list-with-auto-calculation.106/ pdf on it's own should almost certainly be OK (though miss the interactive element)
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    The new official last part of the Camino del Norte

    Don't be too harsh on tarmac - the N634 to Lavacolla will hopefully be quieter now that the new highway to Lavacolla is finished - and somtimes you can find that the side of the road can have softer parts - and don't forget that that dirt tracks are wet for part of the year - and it will still...
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    Renting a bicycle on a whim on the Meseta?

    This seems like a rather extreme reaction- why not just walk for a little longer each day and you won't need the bicycle - or ditch the sight-seeing day instead
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    VdlP Packing List - 1st Draft

    Robo Since you've gone to the trouble of listing weights for everything, you might as well sort by weight and decide if you can save weight on the heaviest items I'd certainly look at likely temperatures and rain probabilities to see if you really need the fleece and rain trousers - you might...
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    Last sello

    Don't think so - you have to have walked the last 100km into Santiago
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    Stressed over time between flights

    Actually, I think it's pretty clear - flying transatlantic with WestJet and then separately Iberia to Madrid (then Santiago) - so you save money by using a charter airline but miss out on being able to check luggage all the way to your final destination and suffer if you miss the connection But...
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    Getting to Oviedo from Dublin, in October, does anyone have any ideas?

    Well even Kayak is struggling unless you want long layovers and flights via Barcelona or even Munich Try instead working backwards from the sites for the airports in Asturias and Santander (3 hour bus trip away from Oviedo) and see where they have flights arriving from in October
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    Hiking near Barcelona

    Or stay in Barcelona and take the train then cable-car up to Montserrat
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    Hard Core Salvador + Primitivo + Finnesterre Itinerary

    That explains it all - 5'57" is really 5 feet plus 4 feet and 9 inches to give a total height of 9 feet and 9 inches! Forget trail walking have you thought about basketball?
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    The Camino in one day: ultramarathon style, from Ourense

    I walked from Baamonde on the Norte (some 98 kms using the short-cut after Boimorto) in two days - I thought it ideal for a weekend Camino!
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    New walking Shoes

    Still working my way through various editions of Merrell Trail Gloves that I use - still got seven pairs left in the cupboard and yet to buy any Trail Gove 4's

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