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    More accommodation questions

    Last year we stayed at Chambre d'halte L'Etape, located on the chemin on the way through town. Great hosts, comfortable twin room, excellent dinner and breakfast and picnic lunch:)
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    5 days

    Nasbinals to Conques :)
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    Stages to Conque and recommendations for where to stay

    Oh, sorry, the address is correct. I'm not sure what's wrong. I just typed it in and it worked. Linda
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    Stages to Conque and recommendations for where to stay

    Yes, that's where we stayed in Senergue:) very nice with great food. We had our own room and ensuite. Also had our own room (twin beds) at gite Saint Christophe in Estaing, very new renovation in the old town, le Rose del Aubrac in Finieyrols, La Sauvage and at Chambre d'hotes L'etape in...
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    Stages to Conque and recommendations for where to stay

    We did the same to La Sauvage then La Sauvage to Bigose 22.6km Bigose to Finieyrols 22.4km Finieyrols to Saint Chely d'Aubrac 26.5km - a very long day for us, we would have preferred to stop 7.5k before this at Aubrac but couldn't get accommodation due to the Transhumance festival. Saint...
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    Le Puy to SJPP blog

    Have just finished updating my blog from our camino on the Via Podiensis in May/June this year if it is of any help to others planning this route:) Walking500more.wordpress.com
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    Le Puy to Conques, mid-October?

    We walked Le Puy to SJPP late May thru June this year. Apparantly they had had 7 months of rain a local said, with major flooding in the north and south. We had a lot of muddy and at times flooded track. Used waterproof trousers when it was actually raining otherwise we both used our umbrellas...
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    La Pause Rebiscoula, Lelin-Lapujolle: open?

    We walked through there in June, I've just checked my blog and we did stop at a cafe there on the way out of town, down the hill from the church, I think. Not sure of the name but we had tea/coffee, and chocolate cake and bought baguettes with ham and cheese to take away for our lunch. Pouring...
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    Aire sur L'Adour to SJPDP

    In May/June this year we stayed at gite Maison des Pelerin in Aire Sur l'dour, then did different stages to you til Aroue. Just before Aroue is La Ferme Bohoteguia which is one of our favourites, modern, great hosts and meal. They did load after load after load of washing for everyone for free...
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    Bag transport on the Le Puy route

    This May/June my friend had her pack transported twice, both on particularly hilly sections. She used Transport Claudine which was the only company I remember seeing. Our hosts helped with the arrangements/ booking the evening before. I think it cost around €8. Quite a few people were using the...
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    Flip flops in the shower

    Just call them jandels like us kiwis do:)
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    stage 2 of Camino from Le Puy, doing in 2 week doses

    We walked from Senergues to Conques - only 10ks so we were there before lunch - and spent the afternoon and evening exploring so one night was enough for us. We stayed in the Abbaye:) We had our rest day in Figeac, we stayed in the old town at Le Soleilho. Great spot and we enjoyed this town.
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    Questions about gîtes from Le Puy to Conques

    Also just googled accommodation list for GR65 and sacramentopilgrims.com has a comprehensive list with distances:)
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    Questions about gîtes from Le Puy to Conques

    Hi AnnieG we used the Miam Miam DoDo guide book, it is in french but has an up to date list of accommodation with phone numbers, email, and languages spoken. We also had the Lightfoot Guide to the Via Podiensis by Angelynn Meya (it is in english) that has accommodation options in it as well ( I...
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    stage 2 of Camino from Le Puy, doing in 2 week doses

    We walked from Le Puy to SJPP late May thru June this year:) A staff member at the Conques Abbaye told us to avoid going down into Decazaville (an industrial town) if you didn't need to as you then only had to climb back up out of the valley. He gave us alternate instructions to get to Livinhac...
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    Questions about gîtes from Le Puy to Conques

    Hi Camino Chris, yes, we did find some of the methods a bit amusing:) Actually these were amongst the best places we stayed being purpose built buildings or annexes to older buildings. Really thought the quality of most of the gites we stayed at was outstanding. We stayed at the gite communal in...
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    Questions about gîtes from Le Puy to Conques

    We walked Le Puy to SJPP late May thru June this year and still think of it everyday since being back We stayed mostly in gites and they were excellent, some of the food restaurant standard. We took cash, taking out €300 euro at a time. Most gites in the first few weeks took bedbug precautions...
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    LePuy to SJPdP-food & lodgings

    We are currently on the Via Podiensis, at Lauzerte tonight. We have stayed in wonderful gites and the food has been exceptional. We started off from Le Puy walking 16km and built from there. Currently doing about 22 to 26k/day. There are plenty of gites. We are using the Lightfoot Guide to the...
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    Paris to Le Puy May 23?

    So we made it to Le Puy without too much trouble on a strike day. We caught the train to St Etienne then a bus to Le Puy. At the sncf information desk we were told that there would be a limited service instead of the usual schedule. Only one train to St Etienne was running in the morning, at...
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    Paris to Le Puy May 23?

    We leave for France from Australia tomorrow, have a flight from Paris to Lyon on thursday, rest day in Lyon then to Le Puy on saturday. Both friday and saturday (18th and 19th ) are planned strike days so we are hoping the train to Le Puy will still be running or at least a bus. We will just...

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