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  1. J

    From Lourdes to Somport via Oleron-Ste-Marie

    A good guide for you to carry might be "Le Chemin d'Arles", La Voie du Sud by Rando guides - they have all the info you need plus maps from Lourdes to Oleron. Assuming you are in France you should be able to pick a copy up as they are very popular and my sister had no trouble finding one for me...
  2. J

    advice on trekking poles please

    for anyone reading these posts later on - the pacer pole people ship direct to your door with free postage. They have had problems I think with distributors in the past so have decided to just offer free postage so no-one is disadvantaged. I ordered from them and the poles were delivered within...
  3. J

    Broken backpack

    in Ponferrada, next door to the Tourist Info and Castle(along the narrow street that runs off to the left if your back is facing the castle) there is an outdoor shop that sells backpacks, sleeping bags etc so you should find help there. Its got an Irish sounding name but sorry I can't remember...
  4. J

    walking poles

    I recommend if you're going to use poles, use two to balance the body. And which pole? For me there is only one, the pacer poles. Check them out, they are fantastic! As someone on this forum said a few years back - he'd jumped out of airplanes, fought in Afghanistan, wrestled with a bear...
  5. J

    In need of medical care in Pamplona.

    Hi Lindsay, I had similar problems and found a few days bed rest did wonders. I had dislocated my knee cap and ended up getting it strapped by a doctor in Estella. I wasn't charged for the consult and he advised bed rest for a few days and I also bought a strong elasticized knee brace for the...
  6. J

    live from the Frances

    no disrespect to you Film Turtle but for others reading this post, please, please, please don't use one of these blankets. As film turtle says, they rustle quite loudly - every time the person who has one moves a millimeter they are like a train coming through a tunnel and if you are the poor...
  7. J

    sharing beds

    I agree with the above however, if the beds were scarce and you could top and tail it - eg you sleep at his feet and he sleeps at your feet (you are upside down from each other but still along side each other) you might be helping other pilgrims by freeing up a bed. Not sure how comfortable it...
  8. J

    Free Spanish Phrasebook to help you along The Camino

    thank you for your generosity! :o
  9. J

    Ryan Air schedules

    that looks like the solution - if Ryan Air don't come on board with times that suit, looks like I can get a bus early in the morning to Coruna and then an afternoon flight to Heathrow so very convenient and at about 80euros, much cheaper than staying overnight in London + airfares etc. Thanks...
  10. J

    Ryan Air schedules

    thanks for your input guys. I will have spent a good week in London in August (before doing the Coast to Coast walk and then on to the Camino) so really don't want to spend more time there - but may have to at least spend a night there by the looks of it. Was hoping to get all the travel in...
  11. J

    Ryan Air schedules

    I am wanting to get to London from Santiago on November 2nd - or the day before if things don't suit, to connect with a flight to Australia at 22h00. I have been checking the Ryan Air site but it doesn't appear to have flights on that day (it's had the previous week listed for quite awhile now...
  12. J

    Trail Mantra

    Beauty before me, I walk with Beauty behind me, I walk with Beauty above me, I walk with Beauty below me, I walk with Beauty all around me, I walk with OR Here and ow I take another step Here and now I'm breathing in and out Here and now I'm standing in this space Here and now I see this...
  13. J

    Rain gear...

    http://www.altus.es/default.aspx?info=00022D the above link is the atlus that I have and it's fantastic. Seeing as you are small then definitely get the smallest one they have as their sizes are quite generous. Cheers, Jane
  14. J

    Water bottle or hydration pouch ('camel back')?

    I used a 750ml Camelbak bottle that I put into a pouch that hung from my waist belt (the pouch is light weight 'sea to summit' brand - can buy them at Paddy Pallin, Scout Shop etc. The bottle is great as it has a straw so you suck up rather than having to tilt the bottle and obscure your view...
  15. J

    Rain gear...

    Hi Val, definately go with the Atlus Poncho - I know several people who used them (myself included) and found it great. You can order over the internet and it will take about 10 days to get to you from Europe. A friend who has just left for the camino did this and it only took that length of...
  16. J

    Accommodations in Bayonne

    if you're looking for somewhere good to eat after you have checked in at the Hotel Paris Madrid, leaving the hotel walk across the street to your left and down a small street immediately ahead of you. Try the third kebab shop on your left - the man who runs it is a real sweetie - please tell...
  17. J

    Accommodations in Bayonne

    I would suggest you stay the night in Bayonne. I stayed at the Hotel Paris Madrid - as you come out of the train station it is immediately to your left, across a car park. Reasonable rates and the staff speak english and are friendly. Buen Camino, Jane
  18. J

    Where are all the Americans???

    as an australian I can vouch for the cost of over $2,000 to get to europe - I don't think our taxes are any higher than UK or USA - it's just that it's such a long way! From taking off in Adelaide until I finally arrive in Paris I'm looking at a 30hr trip.....so imagine travelling for that...
  19. J

    Simblissity BotSpot - Shoulder Strap-mounted bottle pouch

    I took two of the following bottle holders - (sorry, tried uploading a photo but don't know how) http://www.seatosummit.com.au/showdetai ... de=ALITEBH The reason I took two? One to hold my water bottle the other to hold my reading glasses, mobile phone and maps for that day. They worked...
  20. J

    The Call to Walk but Unfit and Ill-prepared

    I just read Karla's blog.... :evil: and I'm sorry guys, but her story doesn't reflect the realities of the camino, but more someone who is ill-prepared to experience anything that isn't HOME! I get annoyed at English speaking people who get pissed off when they travel to foreign countries and...

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