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  1. CamisMors

    My first Camino gear list

    Thank you all for the shared knowledge. You have no idea how much I appreciate this forum, It's been invaluable to me while planning for the Camino. I was part of the Scouts movement for many years of my life, so I'm not a total newbie in terms of camping gear and hikes - of course, it's been a...
  2. CamisMors

    My first Camino gear list

    I'm sure there's a ton of similar posts, but I'd really appreciate any insights of more experienced pilgrims. I'm doing Camino Frances from SJPP for the first time starting September 1st (it's just 3 days away from now! I'm equal amounts excited and terrified). Backpack: 50L Forclaz Travel 100...
  3. CamisMors

    Christmas Camino

    I’ve never did the Camino Português, so I don’t know about hostels and albergues. But I lived in Lisbon for 5 years and I know from personal experience finding something open on Christmas Day was always a challenge. Christmas is a big deal for the Portuguese and it’s considered a family day. I...
  4. CamisMors

    My first Camino starts in a week!

    Thank you!
  5. CamisMors

    My first Camino starts in a week!

    Thank you! A buen Camino to you both as well!
  6. CamisMors

    My first Camino starts in a week!

    Thank you! Will keep that in mind.
  7. CamisMors

    Are you ready for another round of "I can't find a bed"

    Of course I’m a first timer starting the Camino Frances on September 1st. I really thought July- August would be the busiest months and I was really confident about finding beds until I saw this post and now I’m starting to worry about it a little bit. What would you say is the the recommended...
  8. CamisMors

    My first Camino starts in a week!

    Thank you! Indeed, it’s almost 40°C in Madrid right now, I think delaying it a bit was a smart choice you made. But luckily the forecast is starting to look better for the next couple of weeks. Buen camino!
  9. CamisMors

    My first Camino starts in a week!

    Hi all! Just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Camilla, a brazilian living in Spain. I’ll be starting my first Camino from SJPP on September 1st and I can barely wait. I read a lot during the past few weeks - mostly here on the forums, and tried to soak as much information as I could, so thank you...

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