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  1. Flatlander

    Starting late from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

    That way lies madness! I suggest you switch off the internet and go for a walk!
  2. Flatlander

    Starting late from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

    It may be. Ask yourself the question...... if time is to be "made up" on a 31 day walk is saving time on the very first day the best way to go about it? Alternatively, do you want to "do" a Camino or do you want to "experience" a Camino? To be absolutely brutal, no. Sorry. I know that seems...
  3. Flatlander

    Starting late from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

    No, nay, no, thrice nay! 😀 Give yourself a break. Getting to SJPP no doubt involves all kinds of stresses. Give your body, and especially your mind, the chance to settle, and to absorb where you are and about to do. SJPP is a pretty place on its own and deserves a bit of time. One of...
  4. Flatlander

    Should we give recommendations on the forum?

    In the kindest possible way can I ask why you are on here now? You're on the Camino, you've done it before. You don't need much advice. So what are your expectations of coming online to this place? I can well understand a desire to see what's going on in the world or to catch up on sports...
  5. Flatlander

    Should we give recommendations on the forum?

    Why so hard on yourself? Some people want recommendations and will be quite peeved if you don't offer some! This is a Camino forum. The vast majority of the communication is going to be in a certain direction and we are all going to be influenced by that, whether we're aware of it or not. The...
  6. Flatlander

    Should we give recommendations on the forum?

    Do I think we should make recommendations? No. At least not for places. Tools, or processes, perhaps. Do I think it should be banned? It would be like trying to ban rain from falling. Nature will will out. It's human nature. Both to give a review and, especially, to seek one out, to fill in the...
  7. Flatlander

    How to get Meningitis shot in Spain?

    I would strongly urge you to do some research so as to be specific on exactly what kind of vaccine is required. Your embassy/consulate may be able to help as this may be complicated by different vaccine regimes in different countries.
  8. Flatlander

    Hiiker GPX maps are free

    This is exactly right. Downloaded routes can be a hodge-podge of wrong turns, personalised adaptations or just plain wrong. I wholeheartedly agree A very strong reason to use a dedicated "Camino" app which has been designed for first time users. Trying to master a new, complicated, dedicated...
  9. Flatlander

    My plan is not to have a plan, is that the point of the Camino?

    Since the OP hasn't been back I hope they haven't read this! The OP probably won't need to walk much further than 4 hours per day. By multiple days you mean about 5? Do people prepare for the Camino by walking 30 days of 30km? In a row? Do marathon runners run a marathon before running The...
  10. Flatlander


    Paul, don't know why you chose to reply to me? Yaaay! for you that you get your ecectrolytes that way. Not terribly helpful for vegetarians or vegans, though. Not terribly helpful for someone suffering a sudden depletion after say, a bad dose of the runs? You're perfectly correct that a well...
  11. Flatlander


    Yes, it does.
  12. Flatlander


    In all fairness, the website is little more than a blog and the equating of re-hydration powders with these different products that are little more than ways to make fizzy drinks at home from a century ago is unfair and potentially dangerous. Proper rehydration products are far from snake oil...
  13. Flatlander


    To anyone advocating Aquarius have you actually read the label here in Spain (I suppose it's possible that it's different in different countries) but there's really not much in there to help in cases of dehydration? Apart from dehydration, there can be an almost opposite effect where too much...
  14. Flatlander

    Hola from a bicigrino-to-be

    Here is mine, put together during lockdown while I had limited access to photos and notes.
  15. Flatlander

    Training plan help - 10weeks from starting!

    I agree wholeheartedly with those advocating getting and listening to professional advice. Secondly, there are no rules on a Camino. If your body is telling you 10kms a day, listen to it and plan accordingly. Thirdly This reads like you are looking for a stranger to tell you what to do and how...
  16. Flatlander

    Hola from a bicigrino-to-be

    Lots and lots of people complete a cycling pilgrimage every year, but surprisingly few post about it here. Perhaps the post above suggests why. @Murk Spain is a wonderful place to ride a bike. You may find https://cycle.travel/map a useful tool for planning a route or CGOAB is a great place for...
  17. Flatlander

    What made you pick your 2nd or next camino choice?

    Thank you! I hope it was a good place you were transported to! :) I can condesnse it down to fewer words: Look for the things to be grateful for, especially at those times when there seems like there is absolutely nothing to be grateful for. There nearly always is. Sometimes just the very fact...
  18. Flatlander

    What made you pick your 2nd or next camino choice?

    I think I may be something of an outlier - I was appalled on arrival to Santiago. The Cathedral itself was hidden behind scaffolding and the square in front of it was busy with newly arrived and arriving Pilgrims in various states of celebration. It was also busy with salespeople offering...
  19. Flatlander

    Madrid to Santiago by electric skateboard!

    How very unkind to refer to another person's journey as a folly. Have you ever looked at a Camino blog, read an account of a Camino journey, watched a YouTube video on the Camino? Do you ignore all the photos and "Live from the Camino" threads on this site? This is just another one of those...
  20. Flatlander

    Possibly cancelling my camino

    Very sorry to read of the situation you find yourself in. Does your daughter know of your plans to do the Camino? If so, is there anything to be said for an open and honest discussion with her? Personally, I couldn't fully give myself to a Camino if I was constantly thinking that I was letting...

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