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  1. Devon Mike

    Portico de la Gloria recovers its magnificence after ten years of restoration .

    I will be back in SdC towards the end of August, so it will be interesting to see the west front of the Cathedral without scaffolding and also to see what I can of the Portico of Glory. Back in 2014 I went in through this entrance and got to touch the column where pilgrims have put their hand...
  2. Devon Mike

    Walking 1st week of Camino Frances 9-14 July from St Jean Pied de Port...advice welcome☺️

    I will be in St Jean Pied de Port on Tuesday 10th July to start with my son the next day. There will be plenty of people around so you won't be walking on your own. You can walk and chat with people you are OK with, or just walk on your own with others in front and behind, so you will be safe...
  3. Devon Mike

    Beware of the Ides of June!

    A couple of years ago I stayed in an Albergue where the Hospitalero had a large TV screen to watch a European football final between Athletico Madrid and Real Madrid. He gave everyone free drinks while we watched the match!!
  4. Devon Mike

    Aleve (brand name) - Naproxen

    In the UK last year I was prescribed Naproxen by my doctor, and they were 500mg tablets which I had to take twice a day. In Spain buying Ibroprufen tablets, these are usually 600mg or 800mg, but in the UK they are 200mg with advice to take no more than 3 per day, so check the dose before...
  5. Devon Mike

    Video featuring both Muxia and Finisterre Caminos

    Just been on Amazon and ordered it Dermot. Will be a great read I am sure! Having walked the Frances three times, including Muxia and Finisterre, last year I walked the Primitivo and the Ingles. I will be back on the Camino Frances next month for the 4th time, this time with my son to celebrate...
  6. Devon Mike

    Video featuring both Muxia and Finisterre Caminos

    Hi Dermot, Interesting video as I am planning to walk the Norte next year. Back in May/June 2016 I walked the Frances then the coast circuit from Santiago to Muxia, Finisterre and the walk back to Santiago. On the stretch from Santiago to Muxia we met a few times and I have spotted three shots...
  7. Devon Mike

    Muxia to Finisterre

    I have walked both ways in the past, Finisterre to Muxia and Muxia to Finisterre. I found the waymarking for Muxia to Finisterre much less obvious, but when I was not sure where to go I could see people walking the other way coming towards me so I just went where they were and never got lost.
  8. Devon Mike

    Portuguese Coastal Camino. Porto to Santiago.

    Hi Evelina, my plan was to walk the Primitivo from Oviedo, then a bus to Ferrol to walk the Ingles and finally a bus to Lisbon to walk the Portuguese. Unfortunately due to a medical problem, I had to just walk the Primitivo and the Ingles, so now plan to walk the Portuguese next year.
  9. Devon Mike

    Frustrated in Roncesvalles

    Sorry to hear that Alice. I have booked for July and when I got the confirmation email receipt, I printed it off and will take it with me as proof of my booking. I would recommend doing that.
  10. Devon Mike

    Taxi Share 2018 TAXI SHARE Thread Biarritz/Bayonne to SJPP

    I have arrived in SJPP on that last train and then gone straight to the Pilgrim Office which stays open to issue credencials to people coming in on that last train. They also got me a bed so no problem. If you want to book ahead, then ask them if arrival on the last train would be OK.
  11. Devon Mike

    2nd Camino - Repeat CF or try something new?

    Despite his autism and learning difficulties, my son who will be with me this year loves to spend time walking. Last year he walked the Jubilee Challenge for the 2nd time on the Dartmoor Ten Tors weekend, and tripped over near the end grazing his forehead. Here is the Army video taken at the end.
  12. Devon Mike

    2nd Camino - Repeat CF or try something new?

    Hi Tim, I walked the Camino Frances from SJPP in 2014 and then walked to Finisterre and Muxia. There are some alternative route sections I wanted to do and places I passed through where I would like to stay, so I went back in 2015 and 2016 walking from SDPP again for the 2nd and 3rd time. In...
  13. Devon Mike

    Camino de Santiago “Cafe con leche” Beer!!!!!

    I've had a few of these on the Camino....
  14. Devon Mike

    Basque cider houses

    Enjoying sidra in Berducedo on the Primitivo last September.
  15. Devon Mike

    Basque cider houses

    Sidra is very much a local product in Asturias and also Galicia. I have tried it in the Basque country too. Altogether it is a wonderful local experience.
  16. Devon Mike

    Muxianna compostela

    You can start in Finisterre and walk to Muxia then walk on to Santiago where you can get a Compostela for the pilgrimage from Finisterre. You need to get a couple of stamps each day, with the place between Finisterre and Muxia for a stamp being Lires. You can either walk to Finisterre or take a...
  17. Devon Mike

    Muxianna compostela

    I have walked from Finisterre to Santiago via Muxia and got a Compostela and Distance Certificate which records the distance as 120kms.
  18. Devon Mike

    Muxianna compostela

    Yes but you have to get a stamp at Lires on the route.
  19. Devon Mike

    Are You a Dinosaur Fan?

    The Camino always gives surprises. This is what I saw back in 2016 in Orbaneja, on the road to Burgos......
  20. Devon Mike

    Big changes coming next year

    Fake news?

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