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  1. HighlandsHiker

    Ramal "Complementario" desde Sarria a Peruscallo

    That's great information! Thanks!
  2. HighlandsHiker

    Primitivo in 16 days?

    Wandalina - Yes you can. It sounds like you want to do it straight through, but another idea if you want to crop some days would be to take the train or bus out of Oviedo to Grado, walk down through town, and out the other end to Cornellana the first night out (I liked the albergue in...
  3. HighlandsHiker

    Le Puy to Conques

    Liz, bonjour, and exactly as above. I walked it last June from Aumont-Aubrac to Cahors and wouldn't have wanted to have left reservations to chance. Many of my first-choices for places were booked two months in advance and a few areas were difficult to find a bed in at all. If you're fluent...
  4. HighlandsHiker

    Help! The walking pole makes me feel like the walking dead!

    You're my superhero, Anamya, for being able to leg press so much weight!!! I'm doing barbell squats, weighted walking lunges, prisoner squats and weighted sumo squats, which seem to help a great deal (I seem to be squatting a lot, lol). Maybe I should get cracking on those leg presses!
  5. HighlandsHiker

    Help! The walking pole makes me feel like the walking dead!

    Anamya - Just an idea - maybe your physiotherapist cousin could help you with a program to really build up muscle in your thighs/calves. I've been amazed by the fact that although I'd done long training every year and hiked with poles on all Caminos, a trainer here helped me build super-thigh...
  6. HighlandsHiker

    Best stops and albergues between Astorga and Santiago

    Let us hear what you think, Chris. Also, if you decide you want an inexpensive room there, they don't have them bookable online but if you ask when you arrive they might have one in the building where the family lives. Buen Camino to you!!
  7. HighlandsHiker

    Best stops and albergues between Astorga and Santiago

    Shierly, you're going to like Astorga and that last section of the Frances. I loved Albergue la Escuala in La Laguna de Castilla on the way up to Do Cebreiro. Remote enough to feel far away up in the mountains, good food, nice people. I also liked Albergue A Reboleira in Fonfria - Fonfria...
  8. HighlandsHiker

    Primitivo, June 2019

    Jill, try looking under Renfe's FEVE schedules. It's a narrow-gauge (slower-speed) train. It runs all the way up from Leon past Oviedo to the Norte also, if I remember. I'm using it this year to go in the opposite direction back from Oviedo to Leon after the San Salvador.
  9. HighlandsHiker

    Booking Abbey Foy

    Hi again, kmccue - I went through the tourisme-conques.fr site, hébergements section, and used the links for the Abbaye from there. It took a few tries to get a response and I used two different emails for them to do that. They secure reservations with PayPal, if I remember, which is reassuring...
  10. HighlandsHiker

    Vilalba to Arzua: Accommodations and how to break this section up

    I stayed at the Hospederia at Sobrado dos Monxes, Laurie, and only stayed the one night. It was a bit of a struggle to get booked in. I emailed them early in the day, but they hadn't responded by the time I got to Sobrado. In Sobrado they had an unusual way of taking people into the albergue...
  11. HighlandsHiker

    Friends of Bill W.

    Yes, Matt. There are a number of us out doing the Caminos, and it's remarkable how quickly the common ground is found with those other hikers - like radar:0)). I'm guessing that you checked the international directory for the meetings in whatever language you need them in - larger cities...
  12. HighlandsHiker

    Valenca or Tui?

    Another vote for Tui. Ideas Peregrinas is a fresh, almost trendy place to stay in the old quarter. There's a cafe in the check-in area. Tui is a charming hilltop town with a wonderful mostly Romanesque cathedral at the top. Ideas Peregrinas has private rooms as well as dorms. You can always...
  13. HighlandsHiker

    VDLP Timing Issues

    Thank you SO much, Alexandra. That's exactly the information I was hoping for. You've helped tremendously.
  14. HighlandsHiker

    VDLP Timing Issues

    Via (or anyone?), could you tell me the most scenic days of the route BEFORE Salamanca? I'm cutting some sections at a few points where there's public transport available (although will see the towns like Zafra, Merida, Caceres and Salamanca before exiting for Segovia and on to Leon this time)...
  15. HighlandsHiker

    Segments for Le Puy

    Oh, the Cele Variant reconnects with the main Le Puy/GR-65 before Cahors, depending on which route you've taken right around Bouzies/St. Cirq-LaPopie. You can choose between the route Bouzies-Arcambal-Cahors or the more southern way out of St. Cirq-LaPopie, which reconnects with the main Le...
  16. HighlandsHiker

    Segments for Le Puy

    I wish I could help, kmccue - my Miam Miam Dodo was so marked up, pared down, and generally hard-used by the time I finished that I pitched it at the train station in Bordeaux. But there IS a detour that was clearly marked, so hopefully the most recent Miam Dodo that you ordered will include...
  17. HighlandsHiker


    I'll be about a week behind you, Richo. Thanks for the question and others for their responses. Very helpful!
  18. HighlandsHiker

    Segments for Le Puy

    intrepidtraveler (I remember you from your Norte posts!) - Out of Conques was strenuous (the hill to the chapel that others are mentioning), but the views were beautiful (see image to left). In Noailhac, there was a cafe that was willing to make an assiette pelerin at 11:00 - Rocamadour...
  19. HighlandsHiker

    Segments for Le Puy

    Hi kmccue - I hiked it from Aumont-Aubrac to Cahors and did the Cele Variant last year (then went down to the Norte/Primitivo/Verde). You will love it, although it is a fairly tough hike. The Aubrac Plateau is spectacular. There should be plenty of ways to break it up into the 15 - 17...
  20. HighlandsHiker

    Beds for Pilgrims in Tabara: a Peaceable Project!

    Thanks for doing this, Rebekah, and greetings again from your hometown! Site visited, donation made, and may well stop by the albergue on this Spring VdlP hike. Best wishes for your projects!

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