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    Comment by 'Catahoula19' in media 'First Look at Cirauqui'

    As have many, I took essentially the same picture in 2014. I wonder how many pilgrims have taken the same photograph - must be in the millions
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    Walking with a chronic foot issue

    I also have plantar fibroma. Very painful toe burning on one foot. Besides grin and bear it I have found that Kuru shoes have provided some relief.
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    April/May Camino Footwear

    Merrill Moab Ventilators
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    my first solo camino starts

    10 days is about right for Porto to SDC. We took the train to Matosinhos and started there. Bom Caminho!
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    vino tinto withdrawal pains....

    Vino tinto, pulpo, Pimentos de Padron, followed by a copa of Orujo de hierbas.
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    vino tinto withdrawal pains....

    We just brought some back in our baggage from Barcelona. When the Orujo is gone then it's time to return to Spain!
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    Starting Camino Portugues from Porto tomorrow!

    Hit the Rebeira. Cross into Vila Nova de Gaia and drink some Port. Casa Fernanda on night 4 is a highlight. Bom Caminho!
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    Recommendations for a non crowded ‘pilgrimage’

    Via Francigena Camino del Norte
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    What to do with scallops?

    Save them for the next Camino
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    Why do it Again?

    You will find out in 3,6,9 months when you can't stop talking about it and thinking about it. Your friends will tire of the topic but you just can't help yourself. I've walked the Frances and Portuguese. Not a week goes by that I don't think about walking from Le Puy to Finisterre. Buen...
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    Starting to plan Camino Portuguese 2018

    Bilbao is a lovely city. Enjoy!
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    Side trip to Marqués de Riscal

    If you want to do a side trip to La Rioja wineries I HIGHLY recommend the town of Haro and the Bodegas Lopez Heredia and Bodegas Muga. You won't regret it!
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    Starting to plan Camino Portuguese 2018

    We walked from Porto to Santiago in 11 days, including a side day to Braga. Brierley's book has it all worked out for you. Whatever you do, make sure to stay at Casa Fernanda!
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    Curious about achievability of Camino at 50, slow walker

    You're never far from a town, a road, a phone, a taxi.
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    Curious about achievability of Camino at 50, slow walker

    We walked with no preparation in our early 50's. A few days of soreness and you're good to go . It's walking and not really hiking. Rest days if you need them. Plenty of towns, villages ,coffee, wine. Lots of options. Lots of people older than you. Don't sweat it...all will be fine. Don't...
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    Dreamy Portuguese Pictures- want to spend your day dreaming all things Camino

    I prefer Porto to Lisbon. Smaller and less tourists. Port wine. The Ribeira. Each to their own though
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    That wasn't my experience (I've been on two Caminos). The spontaneity and unknown are part of the experience for me. Each to their own though.
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    I highly recommend NO reservations. You have no idea how you will cope, how far you'll be able or want to walk, and what type of quarters you like sleeping in.
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    I was one of the noisy bag rustlers in the am

    I leave early. I like walking when the light is turning. I like walking before the masses come out. I like the quiet and solitude of the early morning. It has nothing to do with racing. I like the early morning. I pack before going to bed, dress, and slip out quietly. No plastic bags or repacking.
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    Pilgrim behaviour in albergues

    My wife and I would try to get out and be walking by 6:30. No bed race. We enjoy the quiet and the lighting up of a new day. Don't ascribe everything to a "bed race". Some people just like to walk early in solitude.

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