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    Merino Wool T-Shirts / Socks - Brand Suggestions Please?

    Falke socks and Danish Endurance
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    Protest signs along the Camino near Santiago

    Additionally, before building anything, now they need to ask permission for the “Camino Plan” (The project name). So they will need 2 different permissions because their construction must align with the Camino Plan and some things changed like: before they could build 7m high and now only 6m...
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    Train bookings

    Ah, ok. Thank you. I live in Spain. I was not sure that Renfe had or not a train into Portugal.
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    Train bookings

    Does Renfe works in Portugal? Or from Vigo to Porto is another company?
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    Train bookings

    I went from Madrid to Santiago in March. Tried to book 3 months before, 2 months before and was not available. It will be available +- 1 month in advance
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    Low-hanging fruit

    I would never do it! Not nice. Anyone that cultivate some kind of fruit would know that.
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    Locals Only

    I would say that when it happens it's because they are done with the noise, the trash left behind by pilgrims and so on... they are also done with tourists (as you can see what happened in Barcelona in the past few days).
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    Best Route for only 5 days

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    The price of items in bars and cafes

    Just ask for the "CARTA" and check the prices. Maybe asking for the prices of eat item displayed will annoy them because they have a lot more things to do. Usually you always get something (free) to eat with a beer.
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    Crampons in Carry-on

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    Unexpected: booked out gîtes on Le Puy

    Write your e-mail in French and increase your possibility of getting a room (I lived in France for 3 years)😜
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    Unexpected: booked out gîtes on Le Puy

    Not sure if I can be a reference. But I book at least 4 months in advance. In some cases, 5 or more. But that’s my schedule since I have to plan everything a lot in advance and I like to sleep in my own room.
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    The Via Jacobi

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    The Via Jacobi

    And here> https://www.mongr.fr/trouver-prochaine-randonnee/carte?itineraire=gr-65
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    The Via Jacobi

    Oh, I'm sorry, my mistake haha. I sent the Francigena link. Try here>> https://www.gr-infos.com/en/gr65.htm
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    The Via Jacobi

    Via Gebennensis GR65 This might be helpful. But attention, it's from 2021. You can get an updated/ complete one here: https://boutique.ffvf.fr/fr/
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    Arrived from Camino Lebaniego (June/24)

    Luckily I discovered this only recently after moving to Spain, because I walked the Primitivo alone and had no idea they were also there (my ignorance).
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    The Via Jacobi

    Here it goes (town + hotel): 1. Geneve: Hotel de Geneve 2. Beaumont: Les Lauzieres 3. Chaumont: Le Manoir 4. Seyssel: Les clés des songes 5. Jongieux: Les chambres du cru 6. Aoeste: Au coq en velours 7. Les Abrets: Find another place to stay. I do NOT suggest "P'tit Meuble". It's a scam place...
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    Do you drop any personal restrictions on Camino?

    I eat and drink whatever comes to me on the Camino. And that’s fine :)
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    Sorry if this is a dumb question - Single vs. double rooms

    Of course not. Usually there are bedrooms with one double bed or with 2 separated beds and you can choose for one or 2 person. I have booked even entire apartments only for myself when I had no other option. The only difference is the price. Just make sure to read all the comments and that you...

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