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    Merino-synthetic blend teeshirt suggestions,?

    Have you tried Torpedo 7? There's a great outdoor's shop in Christchurch called Further Faster, look them up online.
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    Is Lisbon to Porto popular?

    Walked the Camino Portugues from Lisbon last May. Yes there is a bit of walking on asphalt and urban areas, but also lovely walks through forests and farm land .Beautiful towns include Santarem, Tomar and Coimbra. Very few Pilgrims until you reach Porto, I must have come across about 12 walking...
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    ALvaro Lazaga 25 days on the Via Nascente

    Thank you for your post. I believe it is difficult to find affordable accommodation, as I will be walking alone. Maybe I should take a light weight tent. Still have 11 months before I set off.
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    ALvaro Lazaga 25 days on the Via Nascente

    Hoping to walk the Nascente next year. Only concern I have is the lack of Albergue's and distance between towns.. May have to stop in Casa's . Looking forward to the experience.
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    Lost & Found Lost blue jacket on path between Zubiri and Pamplona

    There was a message on Facebook about finding a blue jacket near Pamplona. Could possibly be yours. Hopefully you can try to find the message, it was on one of the many Camino sites. Good luck.
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    Which part to choose between Lisbon and Porto

    I walked in May last, about max of 12 other pilgrims. Some beautiful towns including Santarem , Tomar and Coimbra. There is quite a bit of walking on asphalt and some areas of nature, but not like in Galicia. Bom Camino!
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    Walking through Portugal via Camino Nascente and Torres

    Noticed you walked the Camino Portugues last year. I also completed it last year walking from Lisbon. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
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    Walking through Portugal via Camino Nascente and Torres

    Thank you for your reply.
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    Walking through Portugal via Camino Nascente and Torres

    Thank you for your information.
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    Walking through Portugal via Camino Nascente and Torres

    Planning to walk The Rota Vicentina North to South, then onto the Camino Nascente from Tavira , on reaching Transco will join the Camino Torres. This is hopefully take place next March. Have found plenty of information on The Rota Vicentina ( I realise it is not a Camino but looks interesting ...
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    Starting in May on VDLP

    I am also from NZ, hoping to walk the VDLP next year. Was thinking of walking in May,will be interesting to see how you get on with the heat etc. Noticed that Easter is much look later next year on April 20th. Do I start before Easter and hope to find accommodation over that period or wait...
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    Lisbon to Porto: Jan 2024

    Walked from Lisbon to Santiago in May. Very warm weather, but far too much walking on roads including one day of through an industrial estate. Highlights were Santarem ( apart from the hill upto the town ) Tomar and Coimbra. Other Pilgrims I met who had previously walked the Camino Frances all...
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    Camino from Porto Airport?

    Hi David, I walked from Lisbon to Santiago in May. My Camino from Porto started though the city and then decided to continue on the coastal way. The turn off took us around the eastern side of the airport , we had to circumnavigate it for quite a few kms. Sorry I cannot help anymore. I am sure...
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    Camino Central from the Algarve

    I hope you found time to walk from Lisbon. I walked in May through June this year. Yes the route from Lisbon was hard going too much walking on the road and even through an industrial estate. Met a few fellow pilgrims who had decided to catch public transport to Porto.

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