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  1. MissWOR

    Nasbinals - Hotel La Route d’Argent bait and switch

    I had something similar happen there. I walked in May and made my reservations via email (and in French). When I arrived at Hôtel le Bastide the woman told me she did not have my reservation, period. Then I told her I had reservations (and a confirmation email) for May 12 and she tried to tell...
  2. MissWOR

    Le Puy Camino

    Thank you! I'm booked. Super excited as time draws ever closer.
  3. MissWOR

    Le Puy Camino

    Has anyone stayed at Maison au Loup in Le Puy? Seems nice but wondered about first hand accounts. Merci
  4. MissWOR

    Accommodation Abbaye de Sainte-Foy Conques

    Here is their website https://abbaye-conques.org/hotellerie. There's a hyperlink on the site so you can write them directly. I will be staying there for the first time myself in May.
  5. MissWOR

    Le Puy to Conques - May 6, 2023 start

    Thanks for your reply and excuse my delayed response. Interesting, my middle name is Ora. :) I've locked in a couple of days in Le Puy and 1 night in Saint-Privat and then 1 in Sauges. I just wrote the inn in Saugues to see where I should go next. Then I will play by ear based on what you and...
  6. MissWOR

    Le Puy to Conques - May 6, 2023 start

    Thank you so much. I’ll check out that forum link. I speak French so that won’t be a problem! Thanks to all! Excuse my brevity and not thanking you all individually! I’m working and stealing a forum moment 😀
  7. MissWOR

    Le Puy to Conques - May 6, 2023 start

    Hello all, First chemin for me. I am set with airfare and travel to Puy but am wondering how do I figure out the stages. Any ideas? I've seen two different versions going from Day 1 and so on. I just read a thread here saying to go ahead and reserve lodging now which I am happy to do. I'm not...
  8. MissWOR

    Le Puy guide for new pilgrims

    Thanks so much!! So helpful. :)
  9. MissWOR

    Le Puy guide for new pilgrims

    Thanks for your fabulous site (now bookmarked). So much great info!! I feel rather prepared after perusing your site :) BTW, does anyone have any suggestions for me regarding luggage? I am going to go to Paris after the Camino to spend my birthday but have no idea what to do with my non-Camino...
  10. MissWOR

    Le Puy guide for new pilgrims

    I am walking from Le Puy to either Conque or Moissac starting sometime in Mid April of 2018. First Camino experience. From California as well!
  11. MissWOR

    Class of 2018

    Planning late April 2018. Le Puy to Conque (or maybe as far as Moissac, on verra) which will be my first Camino and I am doing it solo. I've not been on the forum long but already find it an immense resource in all regards (spiritually, advice, everything!). I have a big birthday coming up the...
  12. MissWOR

    Le Puy to Santiago: a few random thoughts

    Thank you for your extremely informative and well written post and for possibly (no, PROBABLY) changing the course of the Camino I intend for spring 2018. I speak French well but nary a word of Spanish and now that I know about this option in lieu of the Saint Jean to Santiago, I have changed my...

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