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  1. Lydia Le

    Luggage Storage

    Ask the tour operator that booked your accomodation. They might be able to find a place for your luggage.
  2. Lydia Le

    October weather?

    Perfect when I walked in 2107. I had about 3 days of rain in Galicia, but the trail is not muddy like the CF.
  3. Lydia Le

    LIVE from the Camino It’s Hot!

    How do people sleep in the heat? Albergue do not have air conditioning and I did have to share room with people who do not believe in sleeping with open window. I ended up with private room for most nights when I walked in 2015 in Sept and Oct.
  4. Lydia Le

    What Other Cuisine would you Like to See on the Camino Frances?

    Pho, the Vietnamese beef noodle soup on a cold rainy day.
  5. Lydia Le

    Bed bug eliminators

    There is hope in the not far future ...
  6. Lydia Le

    Litter, Toilet Paper, Poop, Not Just a Camino Problem.

    There are cafes along the CF. For a euro or two buying a drink, you can use the toilet. I don't want to see a portable toilet every 8km. There is no shame peeing in the bush if you really cannot wait, just take your trash with you. Maybe I did not look carefully, but I did not once see solid...
  7. Lydia Le

    Four more days until SdC - and no motivation anymore to continue ...

    I would also urge you to walk on. Avoid the stage to avoid the crowd. Delicious seafood await you in Santiago.
  8. Lydia Le

    Blanket remake

  9. Lydia Le

    Gel inserts

    Gel inserts leaked and made a mess of my boots in 2015.
  10. Lydia Le

    Post a picture of your "shadow".

    Meseta was my favorite section on the CF.
  11. Lydia Le

    Women's Hoka Boots

    I walk the Camino Portuguese from Lisbon in Hoka One. Supper comfortable shoes, but before I reach Porto, there was hardly any sole left and they have separated from the shoes. I had to walk the last day to Porto in my Crocs flip-flop. I found some glue and glued the sole back and kept...
  12. Lydia Le

    Knitting & The Camino

    I go to the yarn shop across from Pilgrim House after my walk and get my fix there. I have to learn how to knit socks for my next Camino. It is compact and light to take along. I love the hat pattern and will make some for my Camino sisters. Thank you.
  13. Lydia Le

    Sept.-Oct. 2017 pilgrims: check in!

    Lydia Le and Joe Witherspoon from SF Bay Area will be starting off in Lisbon on Sept 12th.
  14. Lydia Le

    What size skirt are you looking for? I have one in stone that I can give you. I have to check...

    What size skirt are you looking for? I have one in stone that I can give you. I have to check the size, but I think mine is small.
  15. Lydia Le

    Botafumeiro - Is it worth it?

    The song sung when the botafumeiro is swinging is beautiful. Don't miss it.
  16. Lydia Le

    Anyone knows where I can order this sleepingbag in Europe?

    Maybe you can find something like this in Europe. http://tinyurl.com/hzxdww7 It is called a travel blanket. You can add a silk liner for added warmth.
  17. Lydia Le

    Lisbon to Santiago 20 k or less per day?

    I plan to walk from Lisbon Sept/Oct 2017 and here is my break down. There is one segment from Tomar to Alvaiázere that I am unsure where I can stop somewhere in between. Hopefully someone who have walked the route could suggest a stop in between. Lisbon – Alpriate 21 Alpriate – Vila...
  18. Lydia Le

    Plan to walk from Lisbon to Santiago starting early Sept 2017

    Plan to walk from Lisbon to Santiago starting early Sept 2017

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