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  1. Richard Ray

    Puente le Reina ‘German Church’

    I believe the arched structure over the doors are called "archivolts."
  2. Richard Ray

    who knew it would cost so much!

    My advice is to sign up for alerts from Scott’s Cheap Flights. I can’t believe the deals they find. It isn’t for everyone, because the booking windows are typically very short. There is a free version that gives you about 1/3 of the deals and a modestly priced version that gives you all the...
  3. Richard Ray

    May 1 Hendaye to Bayonne Bus?

    Thanks for this help. Rome2Rio has suggested other means of transport. Will taxis be available in your experience on May 1?
  4. Richard Ray

    May 1 Hendaye to Bayonne Bus?

    Does anyone know if the 816 bus from Hendaye to Bayonne runs on May 1? If so, how late does it run from Hendare gare? We arrive at San Sebastian airport at 5:55 pm. Thanks for any help.
  5. Richard Ray

    Anyone planning to walk the Camino in May 2019

    Dear Nono - My friend Craig and I will be starting from the same place on the same day as you. Look for the two handsome men in their 60s. You can't miss us :)
  6. Richard Ray

    Route from San Sebastian/Irun to Pamplona?

    Does anyone know of an established walking route from San Sebastian or Irun to Pamplona (for the purpose of connecting to the CF)? If so, is it waymarked with albergues? Thanks for any help.
  7. Richard Ray

    San Sebastian to SJPdP?

    Very grateful to those of you who provided such helpful advice. Thanks.
  8. Richard Ray

    San Sebastian to SJPdP?

    I'm planning a May 2019 pilgrimage from SJPdP to Santiago. I'll be flying into Barcelona, taking a cheap flight to San Sebastian and then making my way to SJPdP. My thinking is to transit from San Sebastian airport to Hendaye, train from Hendaye to Bayonne, stay overnight in Bayonne, and then...
  9. Richard Ray

    Post-Camino Vacation Advice Sought

    Many thanks to all who have offered such terrific suggestions. Now I guess it's just a matter of choosing.....o_O
  10. Richard Ray

    Post-Camino Vacation Advice Sought

    Thanks Carol!
  11. Richard Ray

    Post-Camino Vacation Advice Sought

    Thanks Kanga. Castro-Urdiales looks very enticing!
  12. Richard Ray

    Post-Camino Vacation Advice Sought

    Hoping to walk my second camino in May 2019. Hoping to have my wife meet me in SdC. It will be our 40th wedding anniversary. Looking to treat ourselves to a week's vacation at some seaside village in Spain or Portugal. Any locations/hotels anyone can recommend?
  13. Richard Ray

    Some random Camino observations

    From my 2016 pilgrimage journal on this question: The villages on the Meseta typically don't appear until you're right on top of them, as they are tucked into valleys where the rivers flow. We found ourselves asking "Where is that village anyway?" And then there it would be. This was the case...
  14. Richard Ray

    LIVE from the Camino Graffiti...and meaness

    I appreciated your post, and thought back to the comment I made in my pilgrimage journal from my 2016 camino: "One of the interesting aspects of the Camino de Santiago is the degree to which the way has been festooned with graffiti of every imaginable style, degree of sophistication, aesthetic...
  15. Richard Ray

    Missing Man?

    Many thanks Peter!
  16. Richard Ray

    Missing Man?

    When walking the CF in Sep-Oct 2016 I often saw notices about a missing person - Dominique Radenac. Does anyone know what became of this man?
  17. Richard Ray

    Test of the new forum version

    Working fine, and looking good!
  18. Richard Ray

    (very) early morning flight out of Santiago

    My friend and I stayed in a hotel in Lavacolla the night before our early morning flight. We woke up and walked to the airport - perhaps 30 minutes. An easy walk - it felt like the right way to end our pilgrimage.
  19. Richard Ray

    How do you prepare for the faith journey of the Camino?

    Dear Dave, Yours is an important question - perhaps the most important question. Others have provided interesting food for thought, and I recommend you give serious consideration to their suggestions. The Camino is - or can be - a kind of long-form retreat. If you were going on a retreat...

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