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  1. howlsthunder

    Walking the CF for the Second Time?

    After my first Camino last year (the CF) I am eager to walk again. I'm relatively young so I have time in my life to hopefully walk a variety of Caminos yet I find myself wondering how other pilgrims felt about their second time on the Frances? The reason I will be walking the Frances a second...
  2. howlsthunder

    Question about side paths and trespassing laws? (+mapping fun)

    I am from Alaska where the question of "am I trespassing" is a very important one because private, state, federal, native/indian, and public lands are very much jumbled and you sometimes have to really do your homework to be sure you are not accidentally trespassing on property you shouldn't be...
  3. howlsthunder

    My Packing List: What worked for me on my April-May 2018 Camino

    First I want to give a huge thank you to this forum and the people on it. I learned so much from the information here and was so well prepared I feel I didn't have too many packing or planning foibles. I thought I'd share my packing list along with the methods I used for staying dry, how I...
  4. howlsthunder

    Live - Camino Francés LOST: Tin Whistle

    A very amazing pilgrim has lost his tin whistle yesterday on the Camino Frances somewhere prior to Logroño. It has incredible sentimental value and it would be so amazing if we could reunite them. The whistle is brass with a green mouthpiece and belongs to Scottish pilgrim Dee Sunshine. I’m...
  5. howlsthunder

    Goat & Sheep cheese?

    Hey all! I have some food intolerances (gluten, corn, soy - all of which I've read up on in the forums and am not daunted by) -- and cow dairy. Luckily I can eat all the goat and sheep cheeses I want! Problem is, I do not speak any Spanish (and minimal French). Does anyone know about cheese...
  6. howlsthunder

    Brierley Maps-only book questions

    In preparation for my 2018 walk, I went with Brierley's maps-only guide to the CdF, using it to take notes in and to have a general sense of direction (I don't care about stages). Seems to do the trick but I have a few questions about it: 1) In the town maps, there is often a large, thin-lined...

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