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  1. Michael Gray

    Haglund's deformity

    I suffer from Haglund’s deformity (so I’m told), a bony bump on my right heel. No pain or discomfort at all, but it does mean I quickly wear a hole in the fabric lining of the heel counter of any hiking shoes or boots, long before the shoes/boots otherwise wear out. The hole in the fabric then...
  2. Michael Gray

    Cathedral Closed...Is the Camino still worth it?

    I am a Catholic and the pilgrims' Mass in the Cathedral in Santiago was very special, but so was every pilgrims' Mass every day along the way. Moreover, there are so many other churches along the Way, from beautiful Cathedrals in Burgos and Leon, far more architecturally impressive than the one...
  3. Michael Gray

    Favourite Camino Waymarking Signs

    Scarcely credible precision?
  4. Michael Gray

    Where can I find Walter Starkie's "The Road to Santiago"?

    www.abebooks.com is a site that aggregates thousands of second hand bookshops around the world. It has four second hand copies up to USD60 plus postage. It was five copies before my visit :-) . I have bought hundreds of books on this site and found them safe and reliable.
  5. Michael Gray

    Camino music/songs

    There is a large and beautiful trove of medieval music directly associated with the Camino, performed by early music specialists. Among my favourites are two albums “Camino de Santiago” by the Studio der Fruhen Musik, directed by Thomas Binkley; an album “Un Camino de Santiago” by Ensemble La...
  6. Michael Gray

    Is there an app...?

    Many thanks to all for the advice and suggestions. I have enough time before I go to check them all carefully.
  7. Michael Gray

    Is there an app...?

    I am looking for recommendations for an app or program to keep a journal of my Camino. When I did my second Camino in 2016 I sent photos and messages to my family chat group using WhatsApp. I was surprised and delighted when for Christmas my son gave me a hardback book comprising all the photos...
  8. Michael Gray

    A gentleman's undercarriage question regarding chafing......

    The simple fact is that, with the longer leg length shorts sold today, and certainly with trousers, you do not need underpants. At least while you're walking. Sure for evenings and any other time you think you need to be a little more smartly dressed, but not while walking. It's extra bulk and...
  9. Michael Gray

    Best Poncho in the Universe

    That's very kind of you, KerrieG, but I'm in no hurry and will pick one up when I'm next up in town. Many thanks.
  10. Michael Gray

    Best Poncho in the Universe

    Beware! I went online to buy this; I live 100+ kms from the nearest Ikea store. And while the poncho was only AUD9.99, Ikea wanted a service fee of AUD220.00 to deliver it!!!
  11. Michael Gray

    All the ways that the movie “The Way” was spot on...

    I have to share this story from my CF in 2016. I want to believe it’s true. I stayed at a Casa Rurale in Hornillos del Camino. The host, Samuel, was the loveliest, most helpful guy. He had a poster of the movie The Way on the wall near reception, signed by Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez, and I...
  12. Michael Gray

    Craziest thing you've seen someone bring on Camino

    Sounds like a Neocatechumenate group. They have ... unusual ... ideas about the liturgy.
  13. Michael Gray

    Spiritual Journey

    May I suggest, if you have a smart phone, download the Universalis App, and use it to say the Divine Office; if you can, try to say every one of the offices, morning, readings, mid-morning, midday, afternoon, evening and night prayers. But morning, evening and night prayer especially. There will...
  14. Michael Gray

    BBC Program "Celebs" on the Camino

    Like most "reality television", this is a form of voyeurism that does not belong anywhere near the Camino. I expect it will, sadly, rate its merino fusion socks off.
  15. Michael Gray

    Compeed use.

    I'm dead against Compeed. Your skin simply turns to mush under the dressing. They might work for a one-off, one-day problem, but not when you're walking day after day. A breathable dressing on top and something on the surface of the blister to disinfect it, dry it out and toughen the skin. Tea...
  16. Michael Gray

    Learning Spanish 1 on 1 (Sydney)

    I'd certainly be interested, but I live in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Berrima. Will he travel?
  17. Michael Gray

    6 Words

    Marc Grossman of Camino Downunder gave this advice in a workshop before my first Camino in 2015: "Less is more; More is misery." So true!
  18. Michael Gray

    Aarn packbags

    I used an Aarn on the CF in 2016 and it was brilliant. Infinitely adjustable and very comfortable, so the critical thing is to be fitted properly and shown how all the variations work. You need to find a dealer who knows the product and will spend time with you fitting it properly. The videos on...
  19. Michael Gray


    I walked the CF in September and October 2016, a warm and dry autumn, and found the temperature inside albergues varied greatly, for various reasons, outside temp., size of room, number of sleepers, and most importantly, whether fellow pilgrims shut all the windows or believed in fresh air! Many...
  20. Michael Gray

    Travel Advice from Sydney, Australia to SJPdP

    I did last year what you are thinking of: Flew on SQ SYD to CDG via SIN, fast train to Bayonne and then slow train to SJdeP. It worked fine for me, admittedly I also wanted first to visit my daughter in Paris. However, you do get into SJdeP rather late, not ideal if you are leaving next day with...

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