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  1. Andpartner

    Really Dumb Albergue Question. Sorry.

    I’m British and I was mostly a number 1 person, towel/sarong around me, and it mostly worked well for me. My balance is too dodgy to try putting clean, dry clothes on in a small shower cubicle. I had always brought up to believe as Tincatinker says about ‘the aversion of the eyes’. Where this...
  2. Andpartner

    COVID Designing a Camino for the COVID-19 World

    20k dead so far in the UK, seems serious to me, and that’s only the hospital deaths. Herd immunity looks less likely than had been hoped. I also had a mild dose (probably as no testing). I don’t think things will be close to normal on the Camino next summer. I hope I’m wrong.
  3. Andpartner

    Avoiding the breakfast trap?

    Plain full fat yog if available, otherwise the low fat ones, and banana. Bought the day before from a shop. We didn’t fret too much about overnight refrigeration for yogs, telling ourselves that they are fermented products. We ate them at about the 5km point. We grabbed some black coffee if...
  4. Andpartner

    Ok I’ll just say it...bladder leaks

    Like many others, I found pads in Supermarkets, but I also found them in what we called ‘Chinese Shops’. Shops that sold all sorts of useful cheap bits and pieces. Jewellery, electrical, clothes including underwear, toiletries..... all sorts. These were often towards the edge of towns. I too had...
  5. Andpartner

    Day 1 - my cat died

    What beautiful eyes she has and what an emotional start to your camino. Like SEB I marvel at the intensity of the grief the death of a pet gives us. I hope you have a peaceful camino.
  6. Andpartner

    tarta de santiago

    I use Tia's recipe. It works every time for me and it's just the right size, not too big. This St James' day we had it just as it was, and with stewed plums from the garden with Greek yoghurt. I don't make it very often as it doesn't keep..... tee hee I use a homemade paper template.
  7. Andpartner

    Spanish Mass Primer

    I took along a copy of A Simple Prayer Book in Spanish. 58gm. Has parallel English and Spanish texts. Had the ordinary of the Mass in it. I bought it from the Confraternity of St JamesFor the Bible Readings to go with it, I had bought and downloaded to my kindle. I looked at these before Mass...
  8. Andpartner

    Ladies only, please!

    I have a device, but am only successful 90% of the time, so safer not to use it on the Camino. I'm with C Clearly doing drip and pad.
  9. Andpartner

    Pilgrim's passport in Ferrol

    Similar to Tia, my members one only took about a week
  10. Andpartner

    Nordic poles

    I used my Leki traveller Nordic poles on my CF Sept 2014. I took replacement paws more in case of loss than wear, I use the paws most of the time, I prefer it that way. I changed paws around Sarria, but kept the old ones, just in case. I had been regularly using the poles for several years...
  11. Andpartner

    Was it hard to organize your life in order to walk the Camino?

    We waited nearly 30 years for the 'time to be right'. Retirement, fitness, children's health issues stable, parents either died or safe in Residential Care, loosened from Grandparental duties by daughter's maternity leave for new baby. The Camino doesn't go away and it's fun thinking about it...
  12. Andpartner

    Be the one who... (advice for maximizing Camino experience)

    Be the one who...... Apologises having hurt someone's feelings, better to be kind than right...... A challenging lesson for me, still learning......
  13. Andpartner

    Tarta de Santiago Recipe

    Made Tia's lovely recipe again for my Spanish class (I'm learning, or at least trying to) yesterday. It always works well for me, and isn't too big. I think you always have to be gentle when using ground almonds, the same as when making marzipan and other things. Too much handling makes the oils...
  14. Andpartner


    Thought I was the only one who struggled with that. Ho ho. I tryed 2 different designs before I did my camino, but was never reliable enough to take them with me. I think they would have been great, but only if they/I were reliable!