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    COVID Any North Americans flying to Spain?

    hey Kevin yes I totally agree with what you say however I think if I was there I think it would play a bit on my mind and I would feel that I was doing "half a camino " if you like . The guy that did it last week was alone most of the time and for me that is half of the fun meeting people...
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    COVID Camino in times of Covid

    Gee I wouldn't be going now . If ever there was a time to meet people it wont be now! I just would not find it enjoyable having worry about who's contagious and who's not , just saying
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    COVID Wearing a mask on the CF

    totally agree with you
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    COVID Legitimate price rise or price gouging on the Camino?

    yes I agree about the cruise . The fact of the matter is that these guys are running a business , they are not opening to make a loss , these are difficult times so we all need to just take it on the chin . I travel bit and to be honest the Camino was the cheapest holiday I have ever been on I...
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    Video 📹If it was me, I would not walk the Camino in September

    my decision was made by our government , our whole country ( Australia) is in lock down until further notice ! its annoying as I travel a lot but its for the good of all of us , so I will just suck it up and wait , those countries I love are not going anywhere soon !
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    planning to walk 2021

    planning to walk 2021
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    Should I pack my kindle?

    I never leave home without it . The battery life is so long I find that outways the extra weight , hands down . Before I go away I post on facebook "has anybody read a good book lately ? " I normally get swamped with them so I down load them all . I like to read everyday after I have walked for...
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    'Addiction'- an appropriate word for wanting to walk the Camino again (& again)?

    gee that is a sad reply , I think its just a "throw away word " nothing to serious but you sound very serious about it , hope your ok
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    Is anyone doing the Camino without any specific purpose

    i think you under estimated yourself .. there is a time and place ... there called angels
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    Non Fiction Just a Mum-On the Camino de Santiago

    oh Rachel ...just love that honesty ... thought you were an Aussie for a moment .. you go girl .. i did a part of the Camino ( Pamalona _ Burgos ) by myself after suffering severe trauma ( 2 of my children have passed ) so i get it ... i kept going over and over the thought .. the camino...
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    COVID I'm plummeting...

    yes i am hearing you and normally i myself are pretty kind by nature but to you i say " get your s.. together " you are FREE happy and on a holiday that has not gone as planned ... soooooo pull up your pretty boot straps as you have done your whole life and GET IT TOGETHER .... there is a...
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    Disparaging "The Way"

    yes you got it , that is all it is about , take from it what you need , dont get to deep about it xx
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    A few tips for new pilgrims

    thx for that , just need some plain comm

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