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    • babikeski
      perhaps its just me. whether I have funds in the bank (or not) I like to know what I'm letting myself in for. Camino or otherwise. I don't like the idea of just running up a tab with no idea of the costs. I would suggest most on here will be...
    • babikeski
      babikeski replied to the thread Old School.
      I can appreciate what everyone is saying. I wish my situation were more like yours. If not for technology I would not have been able to walk three full Caminos in the past 2 years. And, another this September. I have a business that requires...
    • babikeski
      I walked this route in September 2 years ago. The weather was great but hot in a few stretches across the Meseta. Around Foncebadon I bought some inexpensive gloves but wore shorts the entire Camino. Only a couple of days of rain with mist...
    • babikeski
      babikeski replied to the thread My own socks test.
      My first Camino was a nightmare for blisters. Then, like you, I found the same Ininji liners you use. But I purchased them as a set with Ininji outer socks. No more blisters. Durable too, two sets (four socks) easily last a Camino at a...
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