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    • barryfr
      My wife and I faced the same issue of not having enough time to walk from Santiago to Muxia. Our solution was to book a bus tour. Pros: We were able to see both Muxia and Finisterre, and we had a personable and knowledgeable tour guide. Cons: The...
    • barryfr
      When I did the Norte in mid-April through late May last year, I brought both a lightweight fleece and a lightweight puffer vest. A few times I used both at the same time; others I chose one or the other. It gave me options, including the ability...
    • barryfr
      barryfr replied to the thread Have you used Aíralo?.
      When my wife and I started Camino del Norte last spring, we tried to rely on wifi only. We installed Airalo after trying to get inside a hostel and a pension where a phone/whatsapp call was needed. We were very happy with Airalo. Prices were...
    • barryfr
      My own experience: We saw no public-use computers in albergues on Camino del Norte last spring. Before we left home, I purchased a foldable bluetooth keyboard. My wife and I blogged regularly; she did most of the writing. I did most of the...
    • barryfr
      We discovered the changed route when we walked the Norte last spring. At one particular intersection, my map said turn right to go toward Salinas but the the arrows pointed ahead. We opted to go to Salinas anyway because it looked like the next...
    • barryfr
      barryfr replied to the thread Start of season?.
      My wife and I started our camino from Irun on April 14 last year and I don't remember encountering any facilities that had not yet opened. If there were any, they were very rare.
    • barryfr
      barryfr replied to the thread Topo Wearers!.
      I wore Topo Terraventures for Camino del Norte last spring in combination with Injinji Coolmax toe socks and Superfeet Trailblazer insoles. The result: No blisters -- other than a hotspot that was prevented from becoming a blister with Compeed. I...
    • barryfr
      barryfr replied to the thread albergue queuing.
      Interesting. We weren't aware of that custom when we walked del Norte this past spring. We were disturbed by an incident at the municipal albergue in Castro Urdiales. Quite a few people were waiting outside before the 16-bed albergue opened. When...
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