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Recent content by Bob from L.A. !

  1. Bob from L.A. !

    A question about walking sticks...

    Would the route make a difference?
  2. Bob from L.A. !

    Giant Sun Fish caught and released off Spain

    I saw the photos in the local media. That was amazing.
  3. Bob from L.A. !

    COVID Covid regulations for Italy

    Just arrived back in the U.S. from Italy. Throughout the country they were quite strict about mask wearing and temperature taking (Even to enter a McDonald's restaurant!). When entering many locations I had to display my CDC card (The U.S. equivalent to a green pass). Coming back to the U.S. I...
  4. Bob from L.A. !

    Senda Pet Peeve

    I believe we have all experienced this from time to time and when it's done once or twice on a trip it is no big thing and a loud enough "Excuse me" usually gets the job done or sends the message that they are blocking the path. With that being said on a long trip, with this occurring day after...
  5. Bob from L.A. !

    LIVE from the Camino Live from Camino del Norte

    So then you are saying you are off to a good start!
  6. Bob from L.A. !

    LIVE from the Camino Who's on del Norte? Oct 2021

    In 2018 I went 3 days without seeing another pilgrim. I began to wonder if I had strayed off course and had to check my app's and maps.
  7. Bob from L.A. !

    what do you do if you can't find accommodation? is a tent necessary?

    I've used Bivy's throughout the world and when I come across a full albergue/lodge I have asked the owner if I could use their yard/garden to "camp" for the night at a reduced rate and have never been turned away. In addition I pack 2 large plastic trash bags and use 1 under the bivy as a...
  8. Bob from L.A. !

    LIVE from the Camino West from Montserrat

    I couldn't agree more. This is a good little secret museum worthy of touring.
  9. Bob from L.A. !

    LIVE from the Camino Live from Camino del Norte

    I have used Guthook in the past and have found them to always be accurate.
  10. Bob from L.A. !

    Calais ferry

    Great information. Thanks for posting.
  11. Bob from L.A. !

    Holding my breath in L.A. !

    Walked into Fidenza with cool overcast weather most of the day. Stopped by the Via Francigena headquarters and found their staff to be over the top helpful. Along the way from Fiorenzuola d'Arda much closed due to covid. Still beautiful though. I "highly" recommend Antica Picenza in Piacenza...
  12. Bob from L.A. !

    Holding my breath in L.A. !

    I have already booked ahead with them. Thanks for the information and I will let know they came recommended on this site 👍
  13. Bob from L.A. !

    Holding my breath in L.A. !

    Made it to Piacenza today with beautiful weather the entire day. Met several other pilgrims on my similar route. So many nice people bidding you "been camino" as they pass on bike or on foot. I have also found So many businesses out of business, which has been the impact of Covid according to...
  14. Bob from L.A. !

    Holding my breath in L.A. !

    I also have to add a big thank you to many on this forum who have "reached out" with helpful information