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  1. Brian E

    Live - Camino Francés Pamplona!

    Safe and sound what's important. I get in Saturday as well to SJPP and start walking Sunday. Look forward to crossing paths. How big of a group will you have? Assume you won't be hard to miss if you have a large entourage.
  2. Brian E

    Vaseline and Omnifix easily found?

    I use your method as well and seems to work great so far and a big fan of Omnifix. What i did was cut strips of about 3 inches and bringing about 40 of them instead of the whole roll. Small jar of Vaseline to start also as that will be easy to find I imagine.
  3. Brian E

    France train strikes

    Hello. We start the same day and i reserved Express Bourricot awhile ago for 12:45 pm on the 19th from the Biarritz airport to SJPD. Staying in the Paris airport the 18th and at the time it was a cheap flight ($100) from CDG airport to Biarritz on the 19th. Easy Jet I believe. Best of luck...
  4. Brian E

    Creative Camino moments?

    As I prepare to depart in two weeks from SJPP I feel ready and prepared for the most part. Then it hit me last night i have no poncho or rain cover for my pack. So my MacGyver skills kicked in and noticed a box of large trash bags in my garage. So, two quick slits for the straps and i now have...
  5. Brian E

    Beverage of choice?

    Just looked Orujo up. Looks pretty potent and will definitely give it a try.
  6. Brian E

    Beverage of choice?

    So as I near the Camino in May I am starting to focus on the real important things which includes what wonderful beers, wine, etc. await at the end of the day. All kidding aside, besides Sangria (probably the most popular drink in Spain I assume?) any suggestions on must try drinks that wowed...
  7. Brian E

    To book or not to book

    I start the same day as you and didn't think twice about reserving a bed in Roncesvalles. After that I am winging it but not many options the first day. Peace of mind can be a good thing. We will probably cross paths at some point I imagine.
  8. Brian E

    That one Dispairing Moment?

    So as I near my Camino in May I can't help but wonder how many of you had that one "What the hell am I doing here?" moment/s or question to yourself? If so, I assume it was short lived and even something you look back on and laugh about now. It just seems it would be hard to walk a partial or...
  9. Brian E

    Finalizing plans - any Paris experts?

    Thanks everyone for the input and suggestions. After further thought and research I decided to fly in late to CDG and just rest, relax, focus and prepare for the Camino since that should be the priority. I would want to enjoy Paris and not feel rushed or conflicted on what things to see and do...
  10. Brian E

    Finalizing plans - any Paris experts?

    So I am buying the last of my equipment, transportation, hotels, etc. for a May/June 2018 Camino. All I am really left with is the question of getting in late and staying at a hotel in CDG airport and then fly to Biarritz the next morning OR get in early and head to Paris for a day and still do...
  11. Brian E

    Express Bourricot vs. Train?

    So I have started booking flights and other arrangements for a May 2018 Camino. I have decided to fly from CO to Paris and then fly into Biarritz and now deciding on how to get from Biarritz to St. Jean. I kind of like the notion of seeing the faces and anticipation/excitement of what I am...
  12. Brian E


    So I am not on here a lot but noticed that the Camino is apparently very busy at the moment. I plan on walking St. Jean to Burgos starting May 20, 2018 and honestly just assumed things wouldn't be too crazy and I wouldn't even need to bother with reservations, race for a bed, etc. I am now...
  13. Brian E

    Best time to book flights?

    So anyone familiar with CDG airport: Would 1.5 hours be enough time to catch the train to St. Jean? That seems tight given customs, delays, etc. Or the other option I am looking at would be catch a flight to Biarritz which is a 2 hour layover at CDG. I hear that airport is pretty big and can...
  14. Brian E

    Best time to book flights?

    I appreciate you taking the time to do some research. I keep forgetting about the Orly airport as an option as well in Paris. Well, at least I am starting to look and think about things early enough so am sure I will come up with something reasonably priced. If not, the Camino beckons regardless.
  15. Brian E

    Best time to book flights?

    Hello! Roundtrip plus a flight from Paris to Biarritz I was hoping to get under $1700 in total. Maybe $1300 for roundtrip multicity and another $200 or so for the Paris/Biarritz flight would seem possible (definitely not at the moment however and prices have spiked). Nothing is make or break...


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