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  1. Brian E

    A Nice Dogs thread

    Great thread. As a huge dog lover I pet every dog I saw that would allow it. Which come to think of it seemed like most every one.
  2. Brian E

    Only 'change' (no pun intended) for next Camino...

    Good idea. Next year will either be Burgos to Ponferrada or do St. Jean to Burgos again. Might depend on a couple people that I met on this years walk and their schedule and availability. Will you be doing a walk soon I assume?
  3. Brian E

    Only 'change' (no pun intended) for next Camino...

    So I felt I brought the basics/usual stuff and got by fine on Camino #1. You really just don't need much. The one thing I will get for next year though is a man purse. Well, let's call it a wallet with a zipper instead to keep my masculinity intact. I didn't realize the amount of coins I would...
  4. Brian E

    Camino music/songs

    Yeah, there are clearly tons of great and uplifting songs but I really enjoy the ones that specifically reference the Camino and/or pilgrims.
  5. Brian E

    Camino music/songs

    After my first Camino I found I liked to kind of zone out once in awhile with music or if I needed some extra energy or motivation. Always looking for good 'camino' songs if anyone has suggestions. I just added Thick as Thieves by Natalie Merchant to the song list for next year. Wonderful song...
  6. Brian E

    Last post From The Road

    Hang in there. I walked in May this year and will admit once in awhile got a very slight undertone of what you experienced and unfortunately seems to be more common with #45 residing. But nothing even close to your experience. Can't blame you at all for being frustrated and other emotions...
  7. Brian E

    Renting a bicycle on a whim on the Meseta?

    Thanks PVH, this was helpful. I absolutely enjoy and prefer walking and socializing and taking things slower and as they come and only want to bike one or two days max, if at all. Just might be nice to know if that is an option if i needed or wanted to make up a day or two on bike. Without...
  8. Brian E

    Renting a bicycle on a whim on the Meseta?

    That's the issue I will probably run into...I only want to maybe cycle a day or two so that might be problematic vs. cycling the whole Meseta and renting a bike longer term in between big cities.
  9. Brian E

    Renting a bicycle on a whim on the Meseta?

    I will be picking back up from my 2018 Camino at Burgos and end in Ponferrada in 2019. Still like my job and too young to quit or retire yet so can only typically get 2-3 weeks per Camino. As of now I have no rest days planned and a pace of about 17 miles/day. I am starting to have thoughts...
  10. Brian E

    That one Dispairing Moment?

    Well, I'm happy to report I had no WTF am I doing here moments. A few discomforts, annoyances, a little rain, etc. but nothing even close to the level of despair or wishing I was somewhere else. I felt I was lucky though and basically formed a 'camino family' early on, weather was great for...
  11. Brian E

    Bombas Socks?

    For those in search of the perfect socks or best anti-blister prevention might want to research these. Just saw an ad on my FB feed. Apparently every pair sold they donate a pair to the homeless as well. I did fine with blister prevention using Omnifix tape / vaseline with 1000 mile socks but...
  12. Brian E

    Got advice? Share it please!

    No major words of wisdom. Everyone's Camino is different and prioritizes different things. Take care of your feet is about all I got. Otherwise try and go with the flow and enjoy each day as it comes, especially the people you meet in my opinion. By day 3 you will probably laugh to yourself...
  13. Brian E

    Camino Magic - How to explain?

    It is hard to explain and I get a few deer in headlight looks talking about it. I recently walked from SJPD to Burgos and will walk from Burgos to Ponferrada next year. Before the Camino took hold of me it was in Larrasoana I believe (so only 2 days in) where we met an Irishman walking his...
  14. Brian E

    Live - Camino Francés Pamplona!

    Safe and sound what's important. I get in Saturday as well to SJPP and start walking Sunday. Look forward to crossing paths. How big of a group will you have? Assume you won't be hard to miss if you have a large entourage.
  15. Brian E

    Vaseline and Omnifix easily found?

    I use your method as well and seems to work great so far and a big fan of Omnifix. What i did was cut strips of about 3 inches and bringing about 40 of them instead of the whole roll. Small jar of Vaseline to start also as that will be easy to find I imagine.

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