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Recent content by Brian E

  1. Brian E

    Favourite Albergues?

    This is a decent resource to use and start with. Clearly it can be subjective but I used this list of albergues loosely on the Frances and did stay at some and was never disappointed. I guess there is typically a valid and good reason they made it on the list...
  2. Brian E

    What was your meltdown point?

    I am kind of in the camp that the term "Meltdown" is kind of a strong word and the implied meaning can probably differ to people. I posed a somewhat similar question/topic awhile back before my first Camino and happy and thankful to report after 3 Caminos no official meltdowns. In case anyone...
  3. Brian E

    REI Trail 40 pack

    Thanks...just bought another one. Now I will have one in black and green. For that price you can't beat it. I used this exact one (Large) for my last two Caminos and it was fine. Now I will have one for training/all around use and one for the Camino.
  4. Brian E

    Bus stops from Santiago to Finisterre?

    So I am one day removed from my second leg of the Camino Frances and already looking at flights, dates, vacation time I can use, etc. for the final stages this Sept. Will start from Ponferrada and looks like I will probably have 9 walking days as I can at least work Labor day in and not use a...
  5. Brian E


    Interesting question(s) / topic and timing. I just missed my connecting flight from Madrid after just returning from Camino #2 from Burgos to Ponferrada. Will come back hopefully in Sept. to finish to Finnistere. Anyway, thought I would jump on here which I don't do much anymore and frankly the...
  6. Brian E

    Anyone planning to walk the Camino in May 2019

    Hello. I started from St Jean last year I believe on May 19th so just a tad after you will be starting. Honestly, with a fair amount of internet research and a few youtube videos I felt I packed just right. Definitely didn't over pack and threw nothing away but felt I didn't really miss or...
  7. Brian E

    Looking for volunteer opportunities on the Camino Frances!

    Not sure if this link was posted but very informative: https://www.americanpilgrims.org/hospitaleros
  8. Brian E

    Anyone planning to walk the Camino in May 2019

    Will be starting in May where I left off last year at Burgos. I walked St. Jean to Burgos in May 2018 and it was wonderful. Good weather, not overly crowded, green trees and flowers in bloom. Great time for you to go. Enjoy!
  9. Brian E

    Gure Lana in St Jean?

    Anyone know much about this hotel in SJPP? Looks like it might be pretty new but seems like a great little place to stay.
  10. Brian E

    A Nice Dogs thread

    Great thread. As a huge dog lover I pet every dog I saw that would allow it. Which come to think of it seemed like most every one.
  11. Brian E

    Only 'change' (no pun intended) for next Camino...

    Good idea. Next year will either be Burgos to Ponferrada or do St. Jean to Burgos again. Might depend on a couple people that I met on this years walk and their schedule and availability. Will you be doing a walk soon I assume?
  12. Brian E

    Only 'change' (no pun intended) for next Camino...

    So I felt I brought the basics/usual stuff and got by fine on Camino #1. You really just don't need much. The one thing I will get for next year though is a man purse. Well, let's call it a wallet with a zipper instead to keep my masculinity intact. I didn't realize the amount of coins I would...
  13. Brian E

    Camino music/songs

    Yeah, there are clearly tons of great and uplifting songs but I really enjoy the ones that specifically reference the Camino and/or pilgrims.
  14. Brian E

    Camino music/songs

    After my first Camino I found I liked to kind of zone out once in awhile with music or if I needed some extra energy or motivation. Always looking for good 'camino' songs if anyone has suggestions. I just added Thick as Thieves by Natalie Merchant to the song list for next year. Wonderful song...
  15. Brian E

    Last post From The Road

    Hang in there. I walked in May this year and will admit once in awhile got a very slight undertone of what you experienced and unfortunately seems to be more common with #45 residing. But nothing even close to your experience. Can't blame you at all for being frustrated and other emotions...