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Recent content by CaminoMatto

  1. CaminoMatto

    No Permethrin in Canada?!

    Thanks to all for the info, looks like I need to do some further homework! Some good advice however thanks again.
  2. CaminoMatto

    No Permethrin in Canada?!

    Good day all, Starting my Camino in April and I have a question regarding bed bugs and preventative sprays. Eye rolls and groans I know I know there have been so many bed bug posts but despite searching the forums I have been unable to find an answer. My plan is to pre-treat my gear with...
  3. CaminoMatto

    Thanks so much Darline!

    Thanks so much Darline!
  4. CaminoMatto

    Biarritz Airport Transfer??

    Thanks everyone, I too received a quote for 120 euros, I will try to see if anyone else is around to help share the cost but I don't think January 17th will be a busy day for pilgrims traveling to SJPDP. I don't think I will use this service if I end up solo, too expensive for my taste and...
  5. CaminoMatto

    Biarritz Airport Transfer??

    Hello all, I am just wondering if anyone has used or has heard of this airport transfer service? I will need to get to SJPDP from Biarritz on Saturday the 17th and I am wondering if this would be a good option...
  6. CaminoMatto

    Happy New Year.

    Happy New Year to everyone and thank you to Ivar and everyone else for all their help and support!
  7. CaminoMatto

    Short winter Camino notes

    I start my camino January 15th and this is awesome information thanks so much!
  8. CaminoMatto

    Best 'Port of Entry' Paris or Madrid

    Hi Robo, I too faced the same situation a few months ago when booing my flights (coming from Canada). I eventually decided to purchase a multi-city ticket, flying into Paris for the start of my camino and out of Madrid at the end of it. In my research, getting to SJPDP from Paris or Madrid...
  9. CaminoMatto

    Winter Pilgrims: open albergues site

    Great list, very very helpful thanks so much!
  10. CaminoMatto

    The movie, "Wild"

    I read the book awhile ago, long before I heard of the camino. I thought it was a good read, I really like stories like hers. I will definitely see the movie when it comes around.
  11. CaminoMatto

    No phone....risky?

    Thanks for the replies everyone, lots and lots of good information, both for and against taking a phone. I never intended this thread to go on so long, I hope I didn't stir anything up as that was never my intention. Since posting the original question, I've decided to take a phone. My iphone 4...
  12. CaminoMatto

    Trashing the El Camino

    This is a great idea! I'm walking in January and I pledge to bring a big garbage day and do a clean up day at least once over the five weeks I'll be walking.
  13. CaminoMatto

    Travel from California to Sjdp

    Hi cclala I am no expert and I am not at all a seasoned traveller. I am walking my first camino in January 2015 and I am travelling from Alberta Canada. Just an example of my travel plans below, - Fly Calgary Alberta to Paris. - Same day flight from Paris to Biarritz (easyjet, super cheap...
  14. CaminoMatto


    Every time I post a question to the forum, I spend a fair amount of time going back in forth in my mind, "is this a stupid question?" and "this has probably been asked a thousand times". I do search old posts as much as I can, but sometimes it's nice to ask the questions exactly how I want...
  15. CaminoMatto

    No phone....risky?

    This has been my primary concern. I am not really too worried about emails, text messages, facebook etc as I am not really into that stuff even when it is accessible. Emergencies are of small concern to me (but not NO concern) but primarily I worry about being cold, tired, blistered and...