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    • ChadEstes
      ChadEstes reacted to joecollins's post in the thread It has begun! with Like Like.
      Connecting through Toronto now. Tomorrow evening I go to sleep in SJPDP!
    • ChadEstes
      ChadEstes reacted to SabsP's post in the thread RIP @annakappa with Thank you Thank you.
      Dear forummembers, It is with great sadness I inform you of the death of @annakappa. She and her husband fraluchi ( who was also a member here ) were very active on this forum. They were both gentle and wise people. They were always generous...
    • ChadEstes
      ChadEstes reacted to C clearly's post in the thread Metro-style map of the Caminos with Love - Red heart Love - Red heart.
      Here is an interesting map of (most of) the Caminos de Santiago, done in the style of a metro map. https://coolhispania.blogspot.com/2024/01/mapa-metro.html
    • ChadEstes
      ChadEstes reacted to trecile's post in the thread Polar Steps vs Find Penguins? with Like Like.
      One difference is that you can join the Camino Forum group on Find Penguins. It's a recent collaboration that Ivar has set up with Find Penguins. https://findpenguins.com/group-tracking/camino-de-santiago/join
    • ChadEstes
      ChadEstes reacted to trecile's post in the thread Bar Etiquette with Like Like.
      Make sure that you start with a greeting, such as buenos días. I gained a lot of insight from this post from @MariaSP, who is Spanish:
    • ChadEstes
      My wife and daughters and I walked longer stages between Lisbon and Porto, but took days off in between, which was a wonderful way to experience Portugal, as well as a great way for our bodies to recover and our feet to adjust to walking longer...
    • ChadEstes
      This eerily begins to remind me of The Long Walk by Richard Bachman (yeah yeah I know.... ;))
    • ChadEstes
      ChadEstes reacted to Newspix1's post in the thread Tattoo with Like Like.
      Nora, a couple of blocks from the Cathedral. https://maps.app.goo.gl/U14ueq8t6KwUwQ5w9
    • ChadEstes
      ChadEstes reacted to Lunchmeat337's post in the thread Tattoo with Like Like.
      Nora Tattoos, see Mike. It's close to the Cathedral.
    • ChadEstes
      ChadEstes reacted to Corelacka's post in the thread Reflections on the Senda Litoral with Like Like.
      Finished a leisurely Porto-Santiago Camino last week, staying on the Senda Litoral (SL) where possible. I am now reflecting on it and the difference between it and the Camino Frances (CF). Boardwalks, sandy paths and endless beaches featured a...
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