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    Please add me to the list, Pamplona 8 May 2016
    Hi DF, Somebody said you had advice for transportation from Madrid to SJPP? I'd love to hear it. Thanks, Jill
    Would love to know what you are taking...I always like hearing the lowdown from people who've done it before, but haven't done it a lot of times...the perspective is different. Those who are tried and trued doing it over and over seem...not jaded but like its a little more Anyway...would love to hear back
    Need to check my profile message more frequent . Late answer better than no answer?

    I am taken LESS .. Less water, less clothes , one pair of boots 2 pairs socks , long legged pants that can unzipped into shorts ..and shorts . Two shirts and some snacks . A Phone and my paper work . $200 in Euros ( never carry much cash ) walking sticks and a cool hat . I also have a CPAP (small) .. no more than 16lbs .
    Hello. My name is Allister and my
    Partners name is Diane...we arrive in sjpdp on the 22 to set off on the
    23rd. .. August Could you please put us on the list. Thank you :)
    Thank you for your advice on what to do when landing in Madrid to get to Alocha Station. Would like to ask you a few questions if you have a few minutes.
    1/28/14 - 232 days to go , started counting around 780 days . Suggestion to you ,DON'T count the days it drags on and on .
    Hickory Creek Park was closed for the shutdown. That's our main hiking park . Glad we didn't get caught :)
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