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Recent content by dougfitz

  1. dougfitz

    Planning to Walk St Olavsleden

    When I walked in 2012, I met a woman maybe a decade or so younger than me who had worked her family's summer saeter as a young woman. That would have put it into the late 1970s. I got the impression that it wasn't something she looked forward to at the time. When I stayed at farm in 2018, it...
  2. dougfitz

    Poll Which Camino are you planning next?

    I cannot see being able to do the Portuguese that I had been planning in 2020 this year - the date we Australians can travel is both some way off and still uncertain. But when we can travel, that will be where I will be heading. In the meantime, I will walk the Camino Salvado in Western...
  3. dougfitz

    Camino Salvado - Western Australia. Have you walked it?

    The route will have a mix of everything but pure scrub bashing. It has been realigned over the years since I walked it, when it was a mix of pedestrian footpaths, shared paths, bush tracks, farm roads and some more busy roadsides. The new route alignment seems to be a bit more walker friendly...
  4. dougfitz

    Is this why we all walk in the same direction on Camino??

    Certainly has its advantages, doen't it! Mind you, the morning that I left Ponferrada, I realised that I was walking towards the rising sun. I always find the first few days navigating in the northern hemisphere difficult, but this was days into my camino, and did result in several minutes of...
  5. dougfitz

    COVID Legitimate price rise or price gouging on the Camino?

    This is another of those myths from economics theorists like the perfectly competitive marketplace. It should be consigned to the dustbin of history. Its origin was in the 1970s with free-market theorists, and while it remains somewhat conventional as a way of looking at how things might work...
  6. dougfitz

    Camino Portugues Coastal-with seniors

    You raise several interesting questions here. Let me address two. First, if you are trying to create some level of certainty for your family at home, staying in public albergues is generally not going to create that. In general, they cannot be booked, and you won't know in advance that you are...
  7. dougfitz

    Should Rock Stacking be Banned?

    Surely such a placard should be made from a large stone collected from somewhere where it was already filling a useful purpose, although pinching a slate tile from someone's roof might be going a step too far!
  8. dougfitz

    Should Rock Stacking be Banned?

    You justify your position on the frequency of both the danger of injury and discomfort of the walking surface. If even a few pilgrims were limping into the towns every day having rolled their ankle on a rock, I might accept this arguement. I have done so - rolled my ankle on a rock - once in...
  9. dougfitz

    Should Rock Stacking be Banned?

    @David Tallan, this sounds like you are prepared to tolerate vandalising the paths on the basis of some pretty dodgy assumptions. I don't buy that at all.
  10. dougfitz

    Should Rock Stacking be Banned?

    Whether this is a serious suggestion or not for the Camino, it is a useful preservation strategy for fragile areas to discourage any use, even walking. A large part of the national park near where I live is still closed following devastating bushfires earlier this year while walking tracks are...
  11. dougfitz

    Should Rock Stacking be Banned?

    @David Tallan, I see these two as almost the ends of the spectrum - I don't see the issue as binary. It isn't just one or the other, but a broad spectrum between these two positions. On one end might be art, although it might extend into edgy issues like graffiti - clearly non-functional, but at...
  12. dougfitz

    COVID It Aint Over Till the Fat Lady Sings - no offense intended just an expression

    This is an interesting etymology, but I can only find one source that supports even a tentative influence from the German. My search hasn't been exhaustive, but most online etymology and dictionary sites I've looked at seem to trace the origin back to 'foo' a Chinese word introduced into the US...
  13. dougfitz

    A Big Boo to Stone Stacking

    I think it's time for me to let others continue if they wish. This thread meandered along for over 80 posts with quite a lot of back and forth that seemed generally to respect the positions taken by others. Effectively disparaging everyone for wasting our energy seems an odd way to preamble...
  14. dougfitz

    A Big Boo to Stone Stacking

    It's sad that you think that matters associated with preserving and protecting the environment are unworthy of discussion on this forum. Perhaps you would like to start discussions on some of your more important problems rather than sniping at those of us who are contributing to this discussion...
  15. dougfitz

    COVID It Aint Over Till the Fat Lady Sings - no offense intended just an expression

    A more complete list can be found here, which does include the defintion provided by @Marcus-UK and others in a similar vein.