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Recent content by fiddletree

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    all in one hair/body/face/clothing cleansing bar

    I actually make deodorant, too, so I have deodorant tubes a plenty :). The problem is that the container needs to have some holes in it so that the bar can dry out so that it doesn't get mushy. I've never seen ventilated tubes before..... Oh I just got another idea! I can use a bug repelling...
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    all in one hair/body/face/clothing cleansing bar

    Thanks! True, it won't be ideal for face, but it will be fairly gentle and non drying so it won't be terrible for most skin types. Packaging it in a tube type thing is an excellent idea! Unfortunately, I don't think the kind of packaging I would need to successfully carry that out exists...
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    all in one hair/body/face/clothing cleansing bar

    Hey all! It's been a while since I've been here (and five years since I walked the Camino, bah!) but I figure this would be the place to ask. I'm starting up a small natural soap & cosmetics business here in Italy, and I was recently asked to formulate an "all in one" bar for someone going on a...
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    I only have 11 walking days

    It was probably just a fluke, but after all of the extreme kindness of everyone, pilgrims and locals alike, it was a major shock to get to Santiago (and the couple of days before). I doubt most people have the same experience, or there wouldn't be so many 'weekend pilgrims' there at the end.
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    I only have 11 walking days

    I would start in Saint Jean (or Roncesvailles, but the walk from St Jean is spectacular). That section of the Camino is the most beautiful, with exceptional kindness abounding, particularly among locals. If your goal is to get the Compostella, that wouldn't work, but if you want to walk for...
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    How much money should I need for the entire pilgrimage?

    I have found KLM to usually be one of the more expensive. I live in Italy now (American, fell in love with an Italian on the Camino 4 years ago, and we got married and now I live in Italy), and have pretty well figured out the going back and forth ferom the US thing. Kayak.com will usually...
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    Skip 2 days of walking, where is the best place to do it?

    The walk from Burgos to Leon is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful parts of the camino (in addition to the first few days after SJPP). If I had to miss something, to be honest, it would be the last 100 km going into Santiago! It's crowded and ugly. But most folks want the Compostella...
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    bed bugs and sleping bags-again!

    When I walked 4 years ago (April/May), I carried a silk liner with me,and only 2 of the 33 nights did I stay in places without blankets. On those 2 nights, I got pretty chilly, but was happy to save on the weight. However, unless I were to walk in the middle of summer, I think I will bring a...
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    Lot's of questions from newbie, please help!

    Oh, and a practical note... if I were you I would NOT bring a fancy camera and netbook. Camera, yes, but I would take a small, relatively inexpensive one that still takes good shots. I brought a $200 cannon (which was held together by tape by the end) and I have stellar photos. You will kick...
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    Lot's of questions from newbie, please help!

    Thanks! We do have a very joyful life, thanks to the Camino, and now my new sister in law will be starting the camino at the beginning of September as well! Dry_gin, if you meet a short haired Italian girl named Valeria, she is awesome (starting Sept 2 from St Jean)
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    Lot's of questions from newbie, please help!

    I could respond to the 'more important' questions, but I think others have that covered already. As far as the last one, I just got married 2 months ago to the man I met on the Camino 3 years ago (yippie!), and we blasted 'I will be (I will walk 500 miles)' as my entrance song at the ceremony :)
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    rough cost estimate

    wow things have changed in 3 short years! The most expensive albergue I stayed in for the 5 weeks I walked was 7 euros (and that was only once), and I don't think I ever payed more than 3 euros for a bocadillo. Good thing to know for the next time I'm over there!
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    rough cost estimate

    I don't really see how it is even possible to spend more than 15 euros for a normal day! In my journal from the Camino Frances 3 years ago, I recorded how much I spent each day, and I think it ended up averaging 12-13 euros a day. If you are frugal, make your own food a lot of the time, and...
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    Safety for young women

    I walked the Camino Frances solo when I was 23 in 2007 and I didn't feel concerned for my safety for even a minute. You are probably more safe on the Camino than you are in your hometown, wherever that is. The thing to remember is that even if you are going alone/with one other person is that...
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    I've never colored my hair, so that wasn't an issue (nor do I use product or blow dry it, usually), and the only change I made before the camino is that I cut it from being nearly down to my butt to about mid back. I kept it in a braid the whole time, and I brought a shampoo/conditioner in one...