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    As I hiked through Castrojeriz earlier this month I looked up at the ‘cerrado’ albergue and many memories flooded back of my two stays there. Always a great sense of camaraderie.
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    filly replied to the thread RIP, Alison Raju.
    I used Alison’s VdlP CSJ guide many years ago and so appreciated all the erudite information on architectural gems; last year she accompanied me on St Olav’s Way. A great loss... and I too thought she was a contemporary rather than an elder.
  • filly
    Lastly some shots of the interior of the cathedral. Ikea—esque new confessionals. St James on telly in a beleagured state! An Arab film festival in SdC - well, full marks! Heading to London where I have never seen ‘Lion of Porches’. And...
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    The 30’s house is part of an enclave in the new town on the way to the station. This is where it all happens! Including a chart topping 9 Euro meal inc. bottle of tinto with no foreigner in sight, bar me.
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    I am not great on these phones... Anyway the yellow arrows show which side of the street you should walk on! Laundromat with a feature period washing machine! Christmas market being set up.
  • filly
    So... soon to Lavacolla. Still, a highlight has been to meet our glorious leader, Ivar himself. Upright at his computer, surrounded by shelving, boxes and a fresh pile of Brierley’s Sanabres/Invierno guide. The queue at 10.30 opening time to...
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  • filly
    Breakfast service. Nothing is too much trouble. The Parador solution to Covid is individual portions in glass jars and little bamboo tongs. Perfection A wonderful late ‘50s tiled wall on the staircase to the restaurant I would urge all...
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  • filly
    Could you clarify ‘William Palmer’, please. Somehow the words remind me of the magical paintings of Samuel Palmer...
  • filly
    I think I will hold moments of Camino in my heart forever: that view, that conversation, that sudden crash of bird-song and sunlight somewhere on the Meseta that allowed me to understand that I had been elsewhere for a while. But I won't worry...
  • filly
    Simplicity, having few needs. Contentment, not whining to myself when things are not as I might want. Presence, being there for each moment, wirh openness. Kindness, inwardly and outwardly. Connecting, in a spitit of common humanity...