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  • hi Gitti, could you please send me your accomodation list for the le puy camino. I am planning on doing it next year.
    My email is cmzs at hotmail dot com. Thanks so much for the info.
    Can do, but it is just where I stayed. There is a very comprehensive list in PDF form. I will try and find it.
    Carlos Zenteno
    Carlos Zenteno
    Thanks, I appreciate it a lot.
    Hi Gitti @gittiharre I will be walking the Le Puy Camino in 2019. Could you please email me your list of Gites to stay? This will be my first Camino. Thank you
    Hi. I just have an itinerary of places we stayed in in 2012...a bit old now. Email me at
    Happy to share it. Off to Spain tomorrow to walk Madrid and Salvador Routes.
    Hi Gitti, not sure if this is how I PM you.... Could you please send me what you have on Geneva to Le Puy, particularly re accommodation. Is it well marked?
    Sure. Yes it is well marked. Did not get lost at all this time round.
    If you email me I can send you my planners.
    Also blogs on
    Hello Gitti, it's my first time walking El Camino and I decided to start in Geneve, I read that you have an itinerary already done, it would be too much asking for you to help me? I'm trying to walk for 6 weeks and get as close as possible to Santiago, could you please give me some advice?
    Juan Carlos
    Sent you a message. Let me know if you got it.
    Hi gitti, I'm about to do the Geneve-Le puy walk. Can i ask you some questions, please?
    That would be great!
    Hi Gitti,
    I don't know if you read my message already but
    I made a mistake in my emailaddress. Sorry about that.
    The correct emailaddress is

    Hi gittiharre
    I'm going to do the via podiensis with my son in about 2 weeks and i would be very grateful
    if you could mail me your list of recommended places to stay.
    my emailaddress is atilburg!
    Hope to hear from you
    greetings Ton
    Hello, I am also interested in the list for albuerges on the Le Puy road. I will start in 10 days! It would be nic, if you could mail the list to me:
    Hi, walked the Frances in 2012 and am planning Le Puy for late August/September would love to get your list of accommodation details.
    GittiHarre, greetings and kia ora from Wellington
    I hope to start from Le Puy in a couple of years time.
    I have read Alison Raju's pamphlet and made a detailed itinerary from various sources.
    And read the blog of a friend of a friend of my wife's for her trip two years ago.
    In the main section I note you have an itinerary you can make available.
    regards, Alan
    Hallo Gitti, yes me and my wife Elisa are considering to walk this route sometimes in August/September. We could fly into Frankfurt then train to Dresden and Gorlitz. When do you think to start walking ?
    Hallo Gitti, i'm wondering wether you will be starting Via Regia in Gorlitz. If so do you have an idea how to get there ? Thanks in advance Giorgio. My email is

    I would be interested in your thoughts on the le puy route. I'm

    Thank you!
    I WILL BE WALKING THE Le Puy route starting in late April 2014. I plan on going all the way to Finisterre, plan on walking 70 days Tom
    Your post was interesting. Could you recommend gites and if you recommend reservations. I just need to get started right. I can handle any problems after that. Tom
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