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  • John,
    I'm taking the bus from Muxia to A coruña on Saturday. I did not realize I would be able to do that from here and thought I would have to go back to Santiago. Oh my God books and other information is there. Do you have any type of guide you can provide for walking from A Coruña?
    Thank you John,
    Look at the forum of the camino Ingles and you’ll find lots of info starting in a Coruña
    Hi Johnnie,
    You've helped me with queries before & I've downloaded your pdf of the Camino Portuguese but can you suggest where we can leave our car if we drive to Porto rather than fly? We are getting older & don't want to be tied down by flight schedules. Many thanks in advance
    Hello JohnnieWalker!
    Hoping to walk the Camino Inglés in 6-7 days during the first week of September. I have a 4 year old guide of yours. Are you able to direct me to a current downloadable for accomodations & walking the most nature laden route?
    Thank you, kindly!
    Hi Johnny,
    I was recommended to pick your brain :)
    I'm a school teacher and have minimal time. I would like to do the following:
    Vigo to Pontevedre to Poio (via Variante Espiritual) to Villanova de Arousa to Padron to Santiago
    I'm reading a lot of different thing on here: Some people say that Vigo to Santiago (via Variante Espiritual) does/does not qualify for 100 km. Can you help a sister out? Thanks!
    Hi johnnie, it’s been many years since we have chatted.
    I love the CSJ guides and have used the French guide, also the Portuguese, English and Finisterre/Muxia, they are wonderful.
    I have just received my Camino Primitivo guide via mail. I am somewhat disappointed, I find it difficult to read / understand compared to the other guides, and find it very disapointing that the guide stops before Santiago. Is there a
    Is there a way I could perhaps get a PDF copy of an older version? Or a section of the French way that’s is missing. Much thanks
    Greetings compadre...wanted to say I am really pleased with the Camino guide I bought. Very helpful and useful for planning. Also, I see you are in for company. Johnny Walker whiskey is to be joined by Jane Walker!!! Same stuff but different targeted audience.
    Hullo John, you mention the existence of a kindle version of the CSJ guide to the Portuguese coastal and seaside routes. I can find the book version on the CSJ site, but not the kindle. Could you please give me the idiot’s guide on how to access the kindle version. Many thanks…………………….Donovan
    Johnnie (if I may)...just received new copy of your CSJ Guide to Ingles. I already know you are (or have) written a new description of the new path from Leiro to Bruma ,pges 62 and 63...
    Would this new version be available yet to read through in preparation for our start on Sept28th?

    Thanks AjD
    I will start my walking from Porto to Santiago the 21. this month. I want to take the coastal route. I wonder if albuerges is open this time of the year ? I havn't found a good guide for the coast route, so I would be grateful for information.
    Thank you - hilsen Reidun from Norway
    Dear @JohnnieWalker
    I posted a new thread in the forum last week called 'Can you replace a souvenir from Santiago for my mum in Australia?' Someone commented and suggested I reach out to you. Can you see my post and let me know if you're able to assist please.
    Many thanks.
    I totally understand Rebecka being busy John. I have it as an attachment if you missed it and would like to read it. Trust me, you get the full picture. Maggie
    Hi Johnnie, I've just downloaded your Camino Ingles guide, thanks so much! At first glance, I am sure it will be very helpful. I just have a quick question about the first day.. I notice there is an alternative to cross the motorway bridge. Do many people walk this section to Fene, instead of walking to Xubia & Neda. Is it advisable to walk the shortcut? Thanks. David
    Hello Johnnie. I need to talk to about dedicating a mass to my Brother who died on the Camino in Triacastella on the 3rd of October 2013. How can I do this please. I am visiting Santiago and will be there from the 1st to the 4th morning.
    What memorial can I put up in Triacastella.
    I will finish the Camino for my Brother & for my Son who died in the same year in May. His name was Daniel as in the film "The Way"
    Just finished the Inglés with your CSJ guide, which is excellent- unlike (I'm sorry to say) some other CSJ guides. So thank you for the clarity. I think you underestimate distances a bit - other guides (incl local une) say 120k. Only one place where punctuation confused me, but I'll tell you about when I have it in front of me. Thank you again for such an excellent guide.
    Hello, Johnnie. Ivar said I should contact you about a bit of a dilemma. Fiance and I are walking the Camino starting on August 21st and will arrive at SDC on September 17th. Plan was to get married in Santiago after finishing but have found out Corticela will be closed when we arrive. Would you happen to have info on where we could possibly get married in Santiago/Finisterre? Thank you.
    Johnny, I walked the English route in 2013. I chose the English route because of your posts and guide. You porbably don't remember me, I was the guy who told you what I thought of your "gently rolling hills of Spain" I did the Portuguese (Potrto to Santiago) in 2014 and I am walk the French route in 2016. Thank you for giving me the inspiration.

    Happy Trails. Tony Rice
    Hi John,

    I've tried to make a donation in return for downloading your Camino Ingles guide but when I click on "add to shopping basket", I'm taken to "", with no option of completing my donation. Wondering if others have reported this problem and is it something I should contact Ivar about?

    Thanks so much.
    Hello Johnnie
    I was a Hospitalera in Ponferrada in April and am now walking. I will arrive in Santiago on Monday. I would really love to volunteer in the office or anywhere else for a week or two. Hoping my timing is good. Anything available from 5 May???
    Regards Jenny.
    Thank you for distributing the YTD statistics for 2013. I am interested to find the weekly figures of those who visited the Pilgrim office in Saint Jean. I saw it once but can not seem to locate it again?
    Johnny - I am coming to Santiago Nov 12th. I am meeting Ivar at 11am. I would very much like to meet you too. Is this possible?
    Hola ! Would you have any information on the portuguese Camino which begins in Viseu to Chaves > Ive been looking for a guide book, cant seem to find one. Looks like an interesting route, Id appreciate any information
    Thank You, Bom Cominho !
    Thanks very much, have updated my info.
    Will post you anything which might be of use
    as I go.
    Hi Johnnie,you recently replied to a request I made re. The Portuguese Coastal Route and some updated info. You were putting together.
    You kindly suggested to "remind" you about it.Thanks in advance.
    Am setting off,solo, from Porto on 5th September
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