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2022 Camino Guides
The 2022 Camino guides will be coming out little by little, most of them by the end of 2021. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.
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    Toilet Etiquette

    thanks so much for those photos, my first camino on Francis, i just could not believe it, so i think your approach and photos are very beneficial toward help all to solve this problem. i know all of us who enjoy the vibe and beauty of the various Camino's routes, appreciate both sisters and...
  2. J

    Norte should not be awarded World Heritage status - expert.

    those were really nice photos, i thought that Norte was used when the moors were killing all the christians on the francis?..thus it shoud be considered a Major Route..i Vote Yes! i want to walk it, after the Francis, and the Portugal walks, wow, what a journey to walk in the footstepes o...
  3. J

    The Camino Portugues in December - accomodation availabilty?

    you will have no problem, i just completed the walk on december 1st, all alberques are open, some the door is left ajar and you wait for the hospitaliero to arrive, but most are open at 1pm....enjoy, no worries, ponte de lima has a very new alberque right of the medical bridge, in most of these...
  4. J

    Coastal Route

    this route is well marked, i just finished walking it, on december 1. alot of people were biking it, im not sure about the walk over the mountain range after ponte de lima, that was the most rugged climb. i had alot of water, mud etc. the roads are narrow, watch your back, and i stayed at...
  5. J

    80 000 pilgrims to Finisterre since 1997

    well, add one more peregino from america, as i so enjoyed the 4 day journey, even though the rain and hail pounded me some last week, the third day before i got to Cee, and saw the writing on the rock, Mira,!! that entire day walking, and that view of the Atlantic, was just so...
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    updates on alberques on this camino...

    yes, very true, the walk from braga to pont de lima is 40km rather then the 33 from barcelos. by the way, ALL alberques are open, most open at 1pm, except in valenca, which opens at 6pm, but the fire station will watch your bags. tui was open, and all the way to santiago!! i think that is great...
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    updates on alberques on this camino...

    greetings peregrino´s, the rain had finally stopped, and i arrived in braga yesterday, it was just to beautiful of a town to leave. so i stayed the night at the alberque at the convent, 20 euro for a beautiful room all to yourself, and great breakfast. i left barcelos this morning at 10am and...
  8. J

    start in Porto ?

    thanks, i found that within minutes, the rain was stressing me for a bit, finally sunshine in porto, i start my walk from barcelos tomorrow to pt de lima.....buen camino, i will report back on open alberque etc.....
  9. J

    start in Porto ?

    my question is which Cathedral?? i am in porto, and will just go ask, but when i look around i see many cathedrals. is there a name?
  10. J

    Camino Portugues. Porto to Santiago de Compostela Blog

    thanks JW....i will be doing the Camino Portugues, i should not be having any worry...i was just a little curious over the comment about the Portugues, not understanding the thinks maby they meant, the "new wave"..peregrino. even as i was leaving santiago for my bus back to...
  11. J

    Camino Portugues. Porto to Santiago de Compostela Blog

    hi eagle, im a poor peregrino for real, so i can handle rooms of my own on occasion, but im hoping in portugal there must be small pensions with fair prices am i right? 30 euro basically equals 45 dollars for me..i am doing this again, for it is my call, no matter how much money i was able to...
  12. J

    Where are all the Americans???

    well, im an american, from california, and i met 3 other pilgrims from california when walking the camino francis in now going back for my second camino on the quess is i will meet a few americans, but i think europe has the close connects, and other than shirley mclains...
  13. J

    starting in barcelos to finisterre

    hello kind peregrinos, my second camino i wont be able to start from barcelos until november 14th, how will my alberque situation be? i cant quite tell in the guide book i found on line, dont mind a pension on occasion but on a budget...any info is great, i would think once im in galicia there...
  14. J

    walking in november on primitivo

    thanks for all your kind advice, i have decided to walk from Barcelos, Portugal to Finisterre...the weather looks tolerable, beautiful walking area for i hear the waves of change....buen camino comrades.
  15. J

    alberque open in november

    thanks my friend, all the above ideas sound good, i will take it as it comes, once i land in Madrid...buen camino