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Recent content by josephine upton

  1. josephine upton

    From your bedroom window

    Social isolation Penzance style
  2. josephine upton

    Travelling from the UK without flying

    I live in Cornwall. I always go on the Plymouth-Santander ferry.
  3. josephine upton

    Anyone have a favourite British Pilgrimage?

    This could be just right!
  4. josephine upton

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2019

    Today 15.11 One looking east, one looking south!
  5. josephine upton

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2019

    Mousehole near Penzance on the Cornish coast path!
  6. josephine upton

    What was in your pack when you finished?

    How odd you all are? I shed things all the way. It is part of the camino for me - getting rid. Mentally, spiritually and physically too. The more I can leave the better I feel. I hope the things I leave are of use to others. If I finished with just the clothes I stood up in that would be a very...
  7. josephine upton

    Giving Up on the Primitivo

    I carried the smallest of camping stove - not enough to cook on but you could boil a cup of water.
  8. josephine upton

    Are you 70+ and still walking Caminos?

    Never fear! I stayed in a hostel with a German lady who said she was 76. The next night we were in another hostel and she pointed out another pilgrim to me. This other pilgrim had told her that she gave her ten years ie. she was, at least, 86.
  9. josephine upton

    Will the camino excitement die?

    I stayed in an alberge with two hospitaleros. They were sad that the pilgrims were not more spiritual. They said, to me, many people-few pilgrims!
  10. josephine upton

    Finished my Camino, but not done walking

    Dear Joe, As various people have said you have lots of friends here who are interested in your journey. Could you let us know what you decide.
  11. josephine upton

    Finished my Camino, but not done walking

    What about the coast path, SW England, mostly Devon and Cornwall. You don't have the infrastructure of alberges but is is lovely varied walking and quite cool.
  12. josephine upton

    Kettles and kitchens on the Norte

    I carrried the very smallest of camping gas. Not really for cooking just to boil water, for coffee, for tea or to sterilise it. I think boiling eggs would count! I found it a great help when, for example, waiting for a coffee would have delayed my start or where there was a long stretch without...
  13. josephine upton

    How necessary is a sleeping pad on the CF?

    I did not have a mat but I slept rough one night on the Norte two years ago. I was not alone but with a young German. The large hostel was full of schoolchildren and consequently all other accommodations were full of pilgrims. We found a rural ruin. I carry camping gas which meant we could boil...

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